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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of Year Review: Biggest Disappointment

The Let Nas down award for biggest disappointment:

Aisha: I am immensely disappointed with and frustrated by the Muslims who have taken it upon themselves to go out of their ways to make this world more miserable. I am referring to Boko Haram, the Woolwich incident etc.

The Great Gatsby was disappointing. I saw it with Mayowa and cosign everything he says. 

Another huge disappointment has been Scandal. A show that had the potential to be amazing became a complete trash soap opera, turning shock into a sport. Every episode someone is either killed or raped. Huck and Quinn keep torturing each other. After watching Mellie get raped I really hoped it wasn’t just a cheap plot used to gain sympathy and I have been let down. Shonda is experienced with teaching through her TV shows so I don’t know what’s happening here. With Grey’s Anatomy she taught us how to be more tolerant before it was mainstream when she portrayed Christina’s abortions and Callie’s homosexuality. In Private Practice she portrayed Charlotte’s rape expertly. However, she falls short when it comes to Scandal. I just feel like she is wasting so many opportunities. Scandal is a mess! When you’re juggling that many balls at the same time, for sure some storylines are going to get dropped. Are they just going to forget that Quinn is actually Lindsay? That Fitz got shot? That he killed Verna? That Harrison has no backstory? That David did all those things? And these are only the lost season 2 storylines. I pray that before they get back in February someone can explain to me why Mama Pope went through all that effort of finding Olivia, hustling to get on a flight to Hong Kong, acquiring 2/3 deaths on her hands along the way JUST so she could stay in Washington where she was in the first place. I would love it if people stopped saying Kerry Washington’s role is empowering black women because all I see is a woman who cannot get anything done herself and instead turns to all the men around her. A woman who is stupidly and unexplainably in love with a useless white married man. Give Scandal back meaning and credibility! Thank you.

Afam: Goodluck Jonathan wins that one hands down. I feel bad for him. He can't seem to do anything right.

Faridah: The Jobs biopic. The one that came out this year especially was highly anticipated becuase they're the ones who had Ashton Kutcher (whom I feel was born to play Jobs). They completely ruined it. I still want my $13 back.

Mayowa: Nas for recording and thinking it a good idea to release a response to 'Let Nas Down' to create the most corny moment this year. There's a reason Jay Z didn't release 'Little Brother'.

The Great Gatsby movie was awful. I studied the text in 6th Form and was quite excited when it was announced that a movie was in the works. It was pushed back a lot so my hopes for it heightened. The movie had too much of a Disney movie air to it and it didn't seem to get going until Mr di Caprio made his appearance. It also seemed daft to hear Jay Z rapping in what was supposed to be the Jazz age.

Georgette: I haven’t had any big disappointments this year. Maybe if I had to think hard, still not sure.


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