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Sunday, December 29, 2013

End of Year Review: Best/ Worst Trends

This is the fourth part of the end of year review I started running some days back. If you missed it, find here, here and here

Best/worst trends:

Aisha: My favourite 2013 fashion trends are cocoon coats, mixed prints and suits. I bought a huge, PINK cocoon and my friends aren’t really on board with it. Hilarious.

Miley Cyrus is my best and worst trend. I’m not even sure she (as a person) counts as a trend. I don’t subscribe to the hyper sexualisation or all her other antics but the truth is the new Miley is much more exciting than Hannah Montana ever was and I enjoy her songs. All the other stuff shouldn’t matter. One more thing. The random, off point, wannabe-meaningful Instagram captions? Please make them stop.

Afam: Camo was a God awful trend. I'm glad it's over. Twerking was also particularly nasty. I don't like this question. I'm not big on trends. 

Faridah: The best for me has to be the @spodermenpls account and its spin-offs. It's definitely a fad, but I'm loving it while it lasts! 

The worst is twerking. It's been around for ages, Miley Cyrus makes it this major thing, now everyone and their mum is twerking. Twerk! Twerk! Twerk! Spare me!

Mayowa: Think pieces are cool but some people are overdoing it with the things they try to inspire "thought" out of.  

Those annoying people who go on Twitter digging up old tweets to try and undermine you. This I told you so obsession is so twattish. Read a book. Get a job!

Open Letters
Initially I wrote ' Open Letters to Miley Cyrus' but that had to be broadened in the wake of the Nigerian political hierarchy suddenly discovering it.

To those heckling Ms. Cyrus; Leave her alone. She's living to please herself, not you. Bring up your kids and stop delegating them to supposed role models.

 To the Obasanjo's; I respect the bravery but please stop trying to kick up a fuss at being left out of power by trying to manipulate public opinion. It's not about us, it's about your ego. Do one!

Georgette: Everyone saying ‘Turn Up’ and ‘Rachet’. I really detested it at first. I thought that it was a little unbecoming to say it. But I left Nigeria after the summer and I didn’t even realise when I started saying it. So total convert I guess?

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