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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Guest Blogger: Heart is Heavy by Adebola Aduwo

Hope you like it:

Shattered Heart.
All For Nothing.
We Lost Our Spark.
Love Forgotten.
Wounded Soul.
Blank As A Deep Hole.


Just When I Stopped Believing In Love,
At That Moment When My Heart Was Growing Ice Cold,
I Saw You.
My Love, I Saw You.
And At That Moment, I Knew It Was You.

It All Began,
Our Teenage Love Affair.
The Innocence Of A Boy, The Mentality Of A Man.
All Was Beautiful, Your Love Was More Than Fair.
Loving The Imperfect You, Perfectly.
Inexplicable Feeling.

I Opened Up To You,
You Felt The Deepest Parts Of Me.
My Inner Weakness,
I Was Now Revealing.

That Smile That Played At The Corners Of Your Lips.
Your Tiny Eyes;
I So Longed For Your Kiss,
As Every Minute Passed By.

Suddenly, Our Little Fairy Tale Started To Cease
Something Was Amiss.
You Were There... And Then You Were Not.
I Still Do Not Know What Hit Us.
Our's Was Like A Flower,
Blooming With All Beauty At Dawn,
Dead At Night.

See With Me.
Did You Not See That My Life Revolved Around You?
Feel With Me.
Can You Not Feel The Numbness My Heart Feels?
Believe With Me.
Do You Not Believe That These Torn Pieces Can Be Stitched?

Perhaps It Wasn't Meant To Be,
Perhaps It Was Just An Illusion.

My Heart Is Heavy,
Cold, Numb, Weary.


Blank as a deep hole.
Wounded Soul.
Love Forgotten.
We Lost Our Spark.
All For Nothing.
Shattered Heart.

Adebola is a student and writer. Follow her on Twitter: @Adebola_x


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