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Saturday, May 11, 2013

A couple of things I've noticed. Channelling my inner Daily Mail

I am not too happy. First, thanks to the very kind people who plan exams at the University of Kent, I've had 4 exams in the past week. We thank God sha, it's nearly over.  I can share some of the things I have noticed this week. I've finally gained some undertsanding as to why coffee is so popular with Lawyers. It tastes like rubbish though.

Look what some pleasant person left me whilst on a toilet break. I hope it's some pretty girl who's attracted to me and intends to reveal herself later on.

I think coming to the Library during Exam season is one of the finer moments of life. The pretty girls who have been hiding all year come out to work and there's nothing better than a woman who looks attractive without even putting any effort. On one of those days I was pretending to study, I looked at the girl sat next to me in the Quiet zone of the library and thought to myself "Damn! girl, you so fine".  I thought of chatting her up but did not want to embarrass myself so I packed my load and went to a slightly noisier part of the library so she won't have noticed my constant fidgeting in a bid to see what she was studying. + I remembered how Mr Idowu's investment must not go to waste. Thanks Daddy.

Living without any sense of time can be a good thing. I've done that for the past week and realized that it keeps me way more organized. On one day, I had an exam at 9 and as soon as I woke up, I started panicking. I looked out of my window to see if any of the students at the primary school nearby were out and the road was empty. "Bloody hell! I might have missed this exam". I got my stuff and RAN to Uni and the Library wasn't even open. The cleaners were still at work so it was just before 7am. If I had a watch or clock, I would most likely have left home at 8.20am and not have gotten the extra 2 hours of revision I did. I actually love it. I keep my curtains apart so my clock works with the sun and I spend most of my time just reading. I feel like a fork man in a world of soup. In a good way. If there's a good way that can be construed.

*Warning* I'm about to go all Daily Mail on you. Just before Easter, I saw my flatmate from last year. I thought her stomach looked bigger than normal but it'll have been the height of impoliteness to ask if she was pregant or had just gotten fatter. So I kept my counsel to myself. I saw her again this week and that bump has blossomed. She's pregnant.  If you're having sex, use protection you idiot! A girl who isn't self sufficient should not be bringing a child into the world. You can barely take care of yourself, how're you going to guarantee the child all that they require.You don't even need to stretch your imagination to know how it all ends. Father realizes what a terrible mistake he's made and gets out. Mother ends up on Benefits. Child would pick up Mother's bad habits and end up having Daddy issues and living his life as a dedication to Russell Brand and Charlie Sheen. Immigrants are not the main reason the benefits system is screwed. People not using protection have their role to play a role in all this. *rant ended* And Yes, what I've said is super presumptuos but there's a reason why I'm the one who knows the person in question and not you, so keep your comment to yourself and go jogging or watch a Nollywood film.

I love this picture and am flirting with the idea of having it mounted but I have a feeling if one of them decides to do a van Persie Fabregas  Nasri   it would have to go with them. *sigh* How I miss the days of Tony Adams, Ray Parlour and Lee Dixon. Okay, I'm beginning to sound like a Liverpool fan. Bye.

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