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Saturday, March 23, 2013

I got nominated for a blog award by Abi Tobi.  This is the first time I'm getting involved with this type of thing so thank you to her.

The rules are as follows:
  • Thank and link back to the giver
  • Answer the giver’s questions
  • Nominate five other bloggers with fewer than 200 followers
  • Ask 5 questions for one’s nominees to answer
  • Post it on your blog.

The five questions are:

My Questions:

1) What was the funniest or most interesting or most embarrassing thing that happened to you in High-school?
I spent the last 3 days trying to recall anything I would class as embarrassing happening to me in high school. And then I remembered some mime I took part in Year 7. I still don't know what inspired me to take part in it but it was horrible. Anyone who knows me knows I can't dance. Well unless I'm under the influence or in the comfort of my room and sure no one can see me. It was to B2K's 'Badaboom'.

2) South America or Europe? (excluding UK) and Why???
Hmmn! Tough question but I think I'll go with Europe. European Architecture fascinates me.  For one, it's easier to get around as the European Union laws would mean I won't require a visa to get around. That reduces costs and the stress of filling out forms, changing money etc. Also, I can't speak Spanish or Portuguese as is common with most of the South American countries so the language barrier in Europe would be easier to overcome.

3)  What's your addiction?
Erm, I'll probably go with good food. I'm blessed in the sense that I never put on weight so I can eat as much as I want without any fear. I try and keep it healthy these days though 'cos as I get older, more caution is required.

4) If you were some sort of nature (the wind, the mountain, rain etc) what would it be?
Does the sky count? If it does, I'll pick that because it'll mean I can see everything I want to and all the things people don't want me to.

5) Who is your celebrity crush?
Am I allowed more than one? Yes, I am. I started liking Kerry Washington after a dodgy scene in 'I Think I Love My Wife'. Blake Lively is pretty cool too. Jennifer Lawrence and Emily Blunt are the new ones. January Jones is nice too, despite her very annoying role as Betty Draper in Mad Men.

P.S Most of the bloggers I follow barely post at present(Only two people I follow post really regularly and they're the out of my league type of bloggers) so I'll leave the nomination procedure open. If anyone that follows the blog wants to give it a go, they can use my questions.

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