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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Towards the end of last year, every morning I would tweet something about dreams. It was supposed to be inspirational but only God knows if it had any impact on anyone.

I wrote an article on the beauty of dreams but Mr Idowu thought it wasn't ripe for publishing and suggested I keep it to myself and strengthen it later as he felt it could be more inspiring in the future.

It's funny how things work. On Saturday I wrote a paragraph on why dreams are important. On Monday morning, I found a video clip taken from interviews with Kanye West's high school teachers. They said the usual cliche things about how he always thought he'll be a great rapper. What struck me was his yearbook picture where he was described as being the Most Unlikely to Succeed. 21 Grammy Awards later (The 6th most in History) I would love to see where those classmates are today. I understand the concept of Success is subjective but that's a pretty amazing haul for someone whose debut album came out a decade ago.

Don't be scared to dream. It can prove to be the difference between the extra ordinary and the ordinary. Special people have an image of what they want for themselves and do everything to bring them to life. Not so special people settle for whatever's given to them and mock those who show ambition. Pay them no mind.

 Keep Dreaming.


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