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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No such thing

The name of the blog is beautiful (Even if I say so myself). I like to think of myself as a creative light and I remember it was the first thing that came to mind on the day I created my blog. It wasn't one of those things I spend sleepless nights trying to rationalize. It was spur of the moment and it makes me think that just like Theo Walcott, some of our greatest moments come when we just follow the groove and don't over think or over analyze. 'Mirrors... Reflections from my Lenses'. I'm OluwaMayowa, a unique being so obviously it documents my unique way of seeing the world. 

Yesterday, I was deep in thought. I was listening to a podcast which set in motion the thoughts I thought. The greatest 'betrayal' in life comes from the flawed paradigm that generally, as human beings we all share the same attitudes and values. This subsequently leads us into judging and holding our neighbours accountable to our own values. And before you think “D'oh! Whose values am I going to judge them on?” listen to what I have to say. My point is built on the assumption some of us hold that people share our exact values and beliefs. This leads us to expecting from them the things we do for them. It is from this, we start to feel let down or betrayed if/when they fall short. In reality, people aren't like us( no two people are the same).. They most likely don't share the same sentiments and feelings we do and this obviously shapes their behavior and allows them behave in ways they deem right which could fall on the wrong side to us.

I have promised myself not to assume people are like me and expect the things I do for them, from them. I like to think it'll make my life easier and help banish any insecurities or paranoia. Take a leaf from Mayowa's book and allow yourself to be happy. 

Pardon m if all this is obvious. 


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