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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hip Hop on Trial

Google and Intelligence Squared run a series of particularly interesting debates that aim to challenge public perception and understanding of numerous issues that plague the society we live in. The most recent one featured something quite close to my heart: Hip Hop music. The motion being that "Hip Hop doesn't enhance society. It degrades it". On a personal level, I disagree with this but thought it sensible to still take in the arguments put forward and I would think my resolve has been further strengthened. I loved Michael Eric Dyson and the way he took on the role as the advocate against the motion. He did a great job blowing the argument away and he clearly knew and understood what he was talking about. I also enjoyed the way he built his argument by infusing hip hop lyrics. Safe to say, I'm now a big fan. The hip hop artistes Questlove and Q Tip put up fascinating defenses for the Hip Hop industry whilst literary figures like dream hampton and Benjamin Zephaniah also raised interesting points. Jesse Jackson was also on the panel.

It's also a joy to note that the art of debate is still cherished and being nurtured on a mainstream stage. Long may that continue.

If you have 2 hours to spare, I would recommend you watch it.


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