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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Conclusions on 'Solar Plexus

D'Prince encapsulates the average Nigerian musician. Rubbish, limited lyrical content, a terrible voice backed up by a good, catchy beat and some slangs that somehow become mainstream. My friend, take Banana till you go yo! 

The decision to drop this album from nowhere surely serves as a statement from Don Jazzy. After so many delays, there's been no word on D'Prince and Wande Coal's albums suggesting they are not of particular paramounce yet the time to create this collaborative album was surely there. Reason behind it? With regard to the Don Jazzy/D'Banj divorce, it suggests Don Jazzy wants to make a statement with his new crew and start as fresh as possible. This might be stretching it but it seems they wanted to debut it before D'Banj made his big global debut. Offering fans the album for free proves clearly money/sales are irrelevant so I would think it makes a lot of sense.  

Don Jazzy was able to get more out of Tiwa Savage than we've seen in her short career. By having her play the role of narrator on the album to robotic effect, it highlighted a possible career for her: Being a voice over in cartoons and TV shows. Hearing her break down in full Yoruba on 'Oma Ga'(My best song) suggested she might be able to make that Saturday afternoon wedding reception/50th Birthday Owambe market hers.
Tiwa Savage

On the first listen, I was actually annoyed at Don Jazzy for wasting such a wonderful beat and allowing Dr Sid embarrass himself on the cliche filled 'YOLO'. On the second listen, I actually found myself dancing and enjoying it. It's actually not THAT bad (I still think it's a stupid song). 

One of the central notions from D'Banj's interview with Ayeni Adekunle was that Don Jazzy was content being the local champion and not being particularly keen on catering to the international market. That's a shame. For one, by being credited on 'Watch The Throne', that was a validation for him from which he could have pushed on. That aside, at the risk of stating the obvious, he's such a talented producer. Over the years, he has displayed some ability to craft great sounds. The production on 'CPR' was magnificently poppy and very worthy of being a super smash hit. Imagine Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears or Nicki Minaj going in on it? That Grammy that every Nigerian act dreams of could have become reality.  Those are the type of opportunities he misses out on by pandering to the local market. 

Don Jazzy

There seems to be a strong desire not to have an obviously bigger artiste on the label as Mohits had with D'Banj. He's not keen on replacing the departees, more about doing better job with the acts on board.  If he wanted to replace D'Banj, Durella's a phone call away. It would seem, there's a greater emphasis on creating a collective where all fingers are equal (Don Jazzy aside). That's not to say, we won't have appreciated a few more songs with possibly Tiwa and Wande. (Few individual efforts generally).  


When all's said and done, K Switch is probably the biggest loser. With D'Banj becoming a 'big boy' and 'London and New York' artiste, it is highly unlikely that he's going to have the time to push him when his priority lies in proving himself as a credible force to the world at large. From a financial point of view, being his brother's right hand man could serve him well but would that provide him fulfillment? 

K Switch, Wizkid and D'Banj

 The bit on 'Forever' which goes "Ololufe, faya bo mi/A jo ma lo gba ife" could inspire another song that would have my heart. Wande Coal, you know what to do.


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