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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Little Prayer

My Father and Heavenly Savior,
I thank you for granting me the privilege of having this blessing called life. I ask that you direct my path and guide me towards making the best use of it possible. 

I thank you for my parents. I want to ask that you continue to bless them. May their businesses prosper and may they continue to have the resources required to smooth the path of my brother and I. I also ask that you bless them to live in the way that suits you best. Father, grant them long lives. May they age well and be immune to all forms of disease and ailment. May they always reap the fruits of their toil. 

I thank you for my brothers and family members. I ask that you continue to be with them. Bless the works of their hands. May they learn your ways and execute them to the best of their ability. Father, grant us the grace to accept when we’re wrong. I also ask that you grant us the spirit to fight all forms of stagnancy. May we always seek ways of improving as human beings. 

Bless my relationship, O Lord. Help us to love each other unconditionally. Help us to understand each other better and complement each other. Grant us forgiving spirits, o Lord and may we have a long lasting and pleasurable experience together. (Preferably till death does us part). 

Forgive us all the sins we’ve committed knowingly and unknowingly, in our thoughts and our actions and grant us the power to resist repeating them. 

I thank you for those I call my friends. Father, help me to treat them in a way that would please you. Help me to always put the ones I love first and do all within the power you grant me to make their lives better. Father, bless my relationships. Let them be built on solid foundations, O Lord.
I ask that you bless the works of my hands. Grant me the midas touch, O Lord: Let everything I touch turn to gold. Help me to make a success out of everything I do. Help me to build a name synonymous with you and the principles you stand for. Father, grant me wisdom to say the right things at the right time and to constantly do that which is right in your sight. 
I also ask that you grant me a forgiving spirit. Help me to let go when wronged and to face the same when the guilty party. 

I ask that you grant everyone I know the pleasure of aging well, gracefully and elegantly.

Nurture in me a sense of calm, O Lord and help me to develop the knowledge and strength to face adversity.
Touch my country, Nigeria. Bless our leaders to have the wisdom to make the best decisions. It is my hope that we find progress in the shortest time possible. May your blessings not elude us.

Thank you, O Lord for I know you shall answer my prayers. 



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