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Monday, November 21, 2011


 Rolling In The Deep (Adele): Adele’s 21 album built the blueprint for break up music in 2011. ‘21’ is probably the closest 2011 saw to a mono culture moment. When it comes to matters like ‘Watch the Throne’ vs. ‘Carter IV’ or J Cole vs Drake, we fail to agree and end up baying for each others' blood. With Adele, there are no gimmicks or debates, her greatness/awesomeness is undisputable. Yes, it’s depressing and repetitive but her talent helps in turning a blind eye. In less than a month, Grammy Nominations would be released and Adele is guaranteed to be one of the big players. ‘Rolling In the Deep’ has been the biggest single of 2011 thanks to all we emotional and sensitive people who’ve had it on replay anytime members of the opposite sex give us tough times and it’s on course to be a modern day classic. 


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