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Friday, November 25, 2011


Niggas In Paris (The Throne): Two of the greatest rappers of the last decade in boast mode. A catchy beat from an upcoming, Hit Boy. A Will Ferrell sample. Those are some of the components of my song of the year. ‘Watch The Throne’ was a big moment in hip hop’s history and the duo behind it can only be complimented for pulling of the feat of ensuring it didn’t leak. It’s common to criticize ‘Hov’ and ‘Ye for making music that doesn’t resonate with the common man. Whilst that’s a debate for another day, hearing Jay Z make those boasts (that sound like taunts) that would be interpreted as an expression of cockiness but in reality are 100%  true boosts the greatness of the man. He says “Ball so hard, motherf***kers wanna fine me” in reference to his being fined by the NBA for entering the Kentucky Wildcats locker room violating the rule stipulating that team personnel aren’t allowed contact with players not yet draft eligible. He goes on to invoke the trinity of great Micheals (Tyson, Jackson and Jordan). And he’s earned the right to. As the artiste with the most No 1 albums in living history (Only topped by the Beatles) he can say whatever suits him. Step in Mr. West who drops the somewhat humorous line “Prince Williams ain’t do it right if you ask me/ If I was him I would have married Kate and Ashley” in reference to the Olsen twins. Not to forget the coinage of the phrase ‘That shit cray”. There’s just something about the song that excites the listener. If you doubt this, check out the footage of the performance at the recent Victoria’s Secret fashion show and pay attention to the crowd reaction. At the moment, it’s the No 1 rap song on Billboard and comes in at No 1 on my Songs of the Year List. 


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