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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random Thoughts

Who said money doesn't make people appear finer? The person is a liar. It's not rocket science. With improved fortunes, one has access to quality make up artistes, better clothes, better soap, soothing sponges, top of the range hairdressers and all that.

Twitter Bio's contain the most rubbish in this world.

Of late, I've acted on impulse a bit and regretted some of the things I've done. It's vital that we think through things before acting them out so as not to make rash decisions we would end up regretting later. 

The mind is the most important part of the body. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

Girls could be quite peculiar. It's impossible to satisfy them. When you tell them you're attracted to them in a way that entails a 'one night stand' and nothing else, they'll attack you for not showing them respect, blah blah blah. With that, what choice are the boys left? Spinning a web of lies all for the sake of entering their sokoto. More one night stands= Less heartbreak/ Deception. (This is no reflection of my mindset, just an attempt at Rationality)

Blogs are abuzz with the story of Titilayo Oyakhire who had the misfortune of being killed by the man she said "I Do" to at the Altar. I'm not going to go in on that scenario 'cos that's been done everywhere. My take is inspired by the belief that Africans need a change in mindset. Our culture tends to frown upon things like Divorce as parents don't want to be judged for rearing children who couldn't see Marriage through. That's plain wrong. It's important that we realize that this false mindset can't get us far. People shouldn't have to put up with things they're not comfortable with to please their parents or society. We should live first for our God and then our well being. As sad as the story is, my hope is that it serves as a Reality check of some sorts and people learn that it's essential to break free from society's shackles and live Life to find their own Happiness. Anything other than that, would be a failure on our part. SAY NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. SAY NO TO UNNECESSARY CONFORMITY

I'm a self admitted uptight person. I get annoyed by anything and everything. However of all the possible things that could get me annoyed, my greatest peeve of all time is Negativity.

I'll never ever understand it. Never ever. I don't understand what pleasure is gained from sitting down to think negative thoughts. I'll never ever understand what pride is gained from taking pride in seeing other people falter. I'll never ever understand why anger and bitterness would possess one to the extent that everything that's said is of no benefit to others besides creating sadness and possibly inducing Depression.

Instead of sitting down, looking for people's flaws and shortcomings, why can't one focus on the good things they do? Instead of sitting down to think of ways in which things can go wrong, why can't we focus on the ways in which they would go right and take pleasure in that? It's not exactly a difficult thing to do.

I'm of the belief that when one thinks negative thoughts, they gradually fester upon the mind and then act themselves out.

Wear a smile and think up good things.


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