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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Popular Is Seldom Correct

I wrote this around the same time I wrote the post below so they're somewhat similar. It builds on things I've expressed in the past. Hope you find it a good read. 

  Those who know me well tell me I’ve got a rigid routine and I’m not your typical young adult. “Your idea of fun is to stay at home, sitting on your computer reading other people’s blogs and writing. If it’s not that, it’s to go to Brent Cross and buy stuff from  H & M.” What this person failed to mention was going on YouTube, typing up ‘Kanye West interview 2010′, watching all of them and staring in awe at the greatness of  my hero

If you’re familiar with the short film ‘Runaway’ which represents Kanye’s attempt at equalling Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, you’ll recall that Selita Ebanks plays the role of an alien (a very delicious one at that) who drops down to Planet Earth from the sky. Before making her return to whatever planet she descended from she says “Do you know what I hate most about your world? Anything that is different you try to change, you try to tear it down”. That encapsulates why I’m somewhat insular.

   I take pride in being somewhat ‘different’. You know, clearly not the average boy. I’ll save you the burden of hearing me praise myself. Okay, my beef with the world stems from the constant barrage of attacks I get for staying true to the things I believe in. Leave me alone and stop trying to make me like you.  I’ll never understand why Society beats people into a pulp for not conforming. It’s a silly thing. Diversity is something that makes the world tick. Interacting with foreigners helps you to broaden your horizon by gaining an understanding into why they do the things they do.

    A quote I often use is “The popular is seldom correct”. If you beg to differ, kindly proffer a sensible reason why George Bush was able to earn the maximum two terms as President of the United States. After taking History at AS, I learnt that Hitler’s Antisemitic policies were actually not as far fetched as they seem as they were an apt representation of the times. Jews were made scapegoats for every and any thing possible. As a way of showing my Father that his money wasn’t a waste I’ll use another example. Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ was also a representation of Victorian attitudes towards Witchcraft. In times bygone, witches were blamed for unexplainable phenomena like sick animals or bad luck. Do witches even exist?  I hate to sound like your primary school teacher scolding you but ‘cos everyone does something doesn’t make it right. Never ever get that twisted.

   A view I’ve always held to be true is that all change comes from Deviance.  And deviance comes from people doing things in a way that’s never been done. For the human race to advance, new ideas, values and beliefs must come into play. This is where ‘differentness’ comes in. Wasn’t Jesus Christ persecuted? Didn’t his ideas and values still flourish despite that? Nelson Mandela’s attempt to fight Apartheid in his native South Africa was initially taken as an act of Terrorism. It would later come to be acknowledged for the freedom fighting it actually was. We need to stop trying to force the things we see as right on the people around us. Let people think what they want and believe the things they want to believe. You can try and make them see your own viewpoint but don’t force them to conformity. Freewill is something that shouldn’t be compromised and suppressed. Isn’t the 21st century supposedly built on individualism?

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