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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dreams From My Father

My Father is my hero.

He's the most rational person I've ever met. He thinks everything through and makes the most balanced decisions.

He's taught me so many things. In my life, he's beaten me only once. I think he believes that human beings are generally sensible and that the mouth is a much more effective purveyor of displeasure than the cane or gun.

He's also taught me that the ability to keep your cool when faced with adversity is essential. Emotion and anger only cloud our judgements and hinder us largely.

I've also learnt from him that a good name and reputation for positivity are key in attaining success in life. It's easy to get carried away by material things and forget who we really are. His words to me as he dropped me off at boarding school for the first time in Year 7 were; “ Remember the son of whom you are”. I do admit, many times I forgot myself and got carried away but,  like the prodigal son, I found my way back and came through those phases with a stronger resolve to be the best son I could possibly be.

Mr Idowu never fails to tell me everything and how they affect him. what that has done in helping  me mature is unparalleled. It's easy for us to make plans without thinking of the effects they'll have on those around us especially our parents. By putting me in a position of trust, he's allowed to me know how things affect him and improved my understanding of the world.   There should be no no-go area between children and their parents.

My dad has also taught me to show interest in the things that affect the people around me. He believes knowledge is a powerful tool that anyone can offer so nothing is gained from being narrow minded. When I first started writing, he was always the first person I sent my write ups to.  He would correct them and give me the best critique possible. As I've gotten better and more swollen headed , I've done this less. However, he's subscribed to the blog and gets an email with the content as soon as anything's published and is always the first to tell me what he thinks. It's possible he might have felt hurt when I stopped sending him things (I'll never know as he shows no emotion) but it's never stopped him. He guest blogs for me every now and then. (How cool is that).

He's got a book titled 'The Popular is Seldom Correct' and that title represents one of the most important lessons learnt. Public opinion isn't necessarily correct. Perception = Reality. We can't all see things the same way as we come from different backgrounds. The law of the majority isn't always correct. Remember that, anti Semitism was once common phenomena in Europe and inspired Adolf Hitler's racial cleansing policy which went on to cause the Holocaust. Humans base judgement on things they can see or know. Some things are hidden, some things are suppressed.. It's akin to criminality to build a house on shaky foundations. Shouldn't it be criminal to base opinions on basic limitations?

Happy Birthday Daddy. Wishing you many more years and the best in all you do. By the way, I'm broke and would appreciate you getting emotional after reading this and sending me a lot of money. God bless you abundantly.


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