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Saturday, July 2, 2011

1.20 AM.

It's 1.20 am. I've just finished my exams so after catching up with my missed Kanye West google alerts and checking out my favourite blogs, I'm intent on attempting something that can pass as Writing. Something that could possibly inspire you and make you go and tell your friends how awesome my blog is. Thing is, nothing's coming to mind. So what do I do? Hit up my Twitter favorites in search of something clever sounding. 

 "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

I love Nigeria. Logically, it's safe to say I love Nigerians. However, there's something ingrained in most of us, I dislike. It's this belief and resignation to fatalistic attitudes and values. And if you're not familiar with the word fatalistic. It's a belief that all things are inevitable. i.e whatever will be will be. Try and have a conversation with the average Nigerian youth on Politics and they'll proceed to inform you how nothing would change and that government coffers would continue to line the pockets of politicians for as long as they remain in power . And when you tell them you're genuinely interested in Politics, they proceed to give you the long list of names of people who tried to take on the system and lost their lives or we're suppressed easily. 
Whatever happened to the belief that with determination and the will to succeed, one can influence the future positively. 

I've never been one susceptible to Fear. It's one of the reasons I enjoy Writing. I'm young so it's unlikely people would mention my name in the same breath as the greats so all I have to do is just write without the burden of a name or reputation to live up to.  Maybe that influences my belief that our generation are truly the ones who can generate the change Nigeria requires. Think about it, we've got platforms like Twitter and Facebook that previous generations didn't have and this enables us to gain support for the numerous movements we have far and wide. 

My 'brother' Kayode embodies the proactive mindset I want to see in young Nigerians. Like me, he's passionate about Politics. In the build up to the last elections, instead of ranting on Twitter about how bad the situation was and how ill fated the Elections were going to be, he developed the idea of a photo sharing website where people could upload any pictures of possible election malpractices with the hope that photographic evidence as such would enable the Election tribunals in detecting any 'mago mago'. Knowing that building the entire project round the Elections wasn't feasible as the Elections were bound to end one day, he designed the site to be receptive to other categories such as Lifestyle, Fashion, Sports etc. That project is ShutterfeedsThe Arab Revolutions would not have been possible if the people did not set their minds towards getting rid of their non productive leaders and ensuring that their political systems were restructured.

We must strive to break down our passive views. We are very capable of making change if we set our minds to it. Stop thinking about how things won't change. Why don't you think of ways in ensuring that thy change? With this type of attitude, I'm confident Nigeria would grow to fulfill the potential we all believe it's capable of. 

Originally written on the 22nd of June. 

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