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Friday, June 17, 2011

Just a lil titbit

For the past week I've been scuba diving in Honduras. Now this! is a summer holiday but that's another story. Something I have quickly come to realize is that almost all the really experienced divers ; i.e the dive masters and our dive instructors, are all in relationships with one another. Either that was a condition for employment or it's the shared interest. Now not all of the divers are dating/married; there is one guy whose wife is just learning how to dive but the pattern is certainly strong. Why would I be concerned with divers dating/marrying divers? I'm not that concerned with the fact that they're divers. It's the shared interest. I've always wondered about relationships and the saying "opposites attract". If opposites attract what holds the relationship together? Now I believe it could be a shared interest. For some couples (divers and wrestlemania fans), the interest is more obvious than others. I think it's worth the relationship to discover your shared interests and strengthen it together. For the divers, it's travelling to exotic spots and logging dives together. For the wretlemania fan it's taking yearly visits to watch a live match (and proposing. Heard a story). And for me, I don't know yet but I'll keep a sharp eye out for a sighting.

No I'm not done yet. What if you guys don't seem to share an interest? I'd say take time out to try each other's interests. You never know. You might actually really like collecting stamps. And no, this does not mean you have to like all the other person's interests. In fact that could be creepy or even worse, boring.

Disclaimer: It is not a cut and dry, tested for perfection relationship advice. It's something that needs to be tried and confirmed. If you have and want to share a story, leave a comment and I'll contact you. You could be our next guest blogger and the story doesn't have to have a happy ending.

One more thing: sorry guys. I'm posting this from Honduras on an ipod so no pictures and there might be spelling mistakes. Bear with me


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