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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Hour in the Head of Mr Idowu.

I guestblogged for Aisha Modibbo recently. It was titled 'An Hour in the Head of Mr. Idowu'. Hope you find it interesting/amusing. 

Sometimes, I go through a phase of disliking people. All because of Twitter. These days, every one finds it easy to use that platform to take the moral high ground. There's this girl I know, who's younger than me (I'm 18) who's not a virgin. And no, the boy she lost it to is not her boyfriend. So where's the rationality in her criticising boys for smoking marijuana? Thing is all of us have fallen short in our different ways so we're in really no position to tell others what they do is wrong. I know a boy who's never ever smoked weed (told me he's only ever seen it once), doesn't 'give' girls anyhow and has never been drunk or tipsy. You don't see him go about telling everyone that does any of the three things mentioned is wrong. Do your own good and be judged on it and stop trying to set the tone in other people's lives.

A random thought; "As is the mother, so is the daughter". Does that mean girls with whore tendencies, got it from their mothers? 

I despise the concept of 'Modesty'. Like really? What's the point? If you're awesome, why aren't you allowed to say so? As Kanye West once said (I use this quote all the time), "You want me to be great, but you don't want me to say I'm great". I'll say whatever I deem right. It's your problem if you mistake my confidence and self assurance for cockiness.


Another Kanye West quote to make you think "Jesus died for our sins, Michael Jackson died for the sins of our Media. Jesus had the bible, MJ had Wikipedia" (I just felt like sticking something that sounded clever in there)

The older we get, the more a part of us death becomes. May God grant us the strength to be able to bear losses. 

Notice how every time we (I'm just adding myself so those of you guilty don't feel alone) start a sentence with "It's funny", it's never laughter inducing in any way. NOTE: There is a difference in something being funny and something being ironic. 95% of the time, 'ironic' is the word intended. 

There's a difference between the concepts of 'hating' and 'criticism'. Just because someone points out flaws in your argument, song, write up (whatever it is, your side hustle is) doesn't mean they hate you. Be able to stand criticism without pulling that 'hate' card. Why don't you channel the energy from the criticism offered towards your follow up and ensure that on the next journey, you don't make the same errors. 

And you just had another lesson in the OluwaMayowa Idowu school of life. Tell me thank you.
Note: It's Exam/Revision season so my attentions are divided and posts are going to be slow. I'll try my best to get as many Guest Bloggers possible though.


  1. Great post.Why should one seek to find default in others,yet choose to see none of their own. As for the Kanye quote, about Michael and Wikipedia..sic. May start listening to him too


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