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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday

Everyone please join me to raise a glass to Mr. Oluwamayowa Idowu who, on this auspicious day, turns a year older. You see, Mayowa and I go a long way and ours is a friendship that transcends most things *smiley face*. A compliment from Mayowa is a true to form truth. There are many things I could say about this my friend and brother but I'll keep those for when he's 50 and I get to give a speech. In the mean time, this is a very big happy birthday to the one guy who can come to my house without much of a warning on a sunday to watch a football game and neither of my parents will blink an eye and the only one I concede is a bigger Kanye fan than I am. Any time you're in America or I'm in England see me for your gift. Lots of love from the Adefisayo's and everyone else.


  1. aww. Oy, you're too sweet. Happy Birthday again Mayowa. Yup, the next time you see me too(which better be soon),I'll have your gift. Love you.x

  2. I'm liking all the cuteness here Oy but it is when it is my birthday and I don't get this kind cute message that me Oyinda and Tiese will have to put all our legs inside one trouser lol. Lest I forget the purpose for being here ...Happy Birthday Mayowa and no I shall not get you a gift the next time I see you but what I have to offer you which is a nice long chant of "ADEMAYOR" will prove far more valuable than what the madam's here will get you :p On that note, have a day engineered by God's blessings and favours. P.S. I really love that birthday picture it is too epic.

  3. Thanks a lot guys. I really do appreciate it. Love you very much. May others do unto you as you have done unto me in Jesus name.


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