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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To All Nigerians

Good day my fellow Nigerians. Our Country is one which has come a long way, over 50 years and it's failed to fulfill its potential. It is for that reason I stand before you to get you familiarized with the things I plan to achieve if you would allow me to know the pleasure of serving as your President.

Right from my early teenage years, it's always been my desire to serve my nation in a capacity where I would be able to impart change unto the lives of those around me. By this, I mean to stimulate policies and ideas that would impart the greater good of the population positively. Being the son of a journalist, I have always been interested in going ons around me and the Political scene has served as one of the most consistent forms of entertainment for me. This helped stimulate serious interest in Politics to the extent that  I have/had the dream of studying an element of Politics at University level.

Enough of the background story. Check this out. Goodluck Donatus is woken up at 5am to fetch water from a well. Add to the fact that there's been no light causing him a pretty rough night. Also, eating good food is not exactly a common occurrence as there is no freezer to preserve food in and his mother who works a 9 to 5 on the opposite end of town so her attention/loyalties are divided. With her place of work being on the opposite part of town the earliest she gets home is at 10pm. On the average, the time spent in traffic in a week would take her be worth a return journey between Lagos and London. Upon getting home she is met by a headache and has no choice but to succumb to her bed. She falls in, but finds it extremely difficult to sleep considering the severity of the headache. She finally falls asleep at 2 am. By 5.30, she's up so that she can get to work in good time. And that is how her week goes. This documents the feelings most of us go through. If not you, we all know a good number of people this is applicable to. No light, inadequate pay, incessant traffic. The most basic things are absent in Nigeria of today. This is where I come in. As President, my primary objective shall be to tackle these issues with emphasis being placed on transportation and electricity. Truth be told, once those key areas are tackled, the only direction our nation can be headed is upwards/forward.

Improved Electricity

Concerning our electricity hoodoo, I have sought a couple of answers to this and evaluated the options strongly. For a densely populated nation like Nigeria, one energy source is inadequate. We could take a page from the United Kingdom’s book and focus on fossil fuels as a source of power. i.e burning oil, gases and coal as it would fit seamlessly with the resources we have and enable us to get the best use out of them. We could then combine this with the wind turbines and hydroelectric power we presently favor.  I do however acknowledge the side effects such systems would have on us with the emission of green house gases holding acid rain, corrosion and adverse weather conditions as threats. The government I lead would look to address this by accentuating the importance of going green in our shores. The waste management authorities would be directed towards creating room for recycled materials (bottles, plastics, paper) which would reduce the cost of production for local manufacturers who won’t have to build things up from scratch but have an already existing base of raw materials. After putting in place such infrastructure, I would look to privatize the generation and distribution of electricity in our shores. This would help in improving the quality of electricity the same way the Privatization process in our Telecommunication Industry spawned the likes of MTN, Econet and Globacom. By placing such an issue in private hands, service maintenance and efficiency would be ensured as we all acknowledge the merits of a competitive environment.  

Typical Traffic
My intention for the transportation system shall be to put in place a rail network that would connect all 36 states and make it possible for the Bauchi herdsman to visit Ile Ife in the quickest time possible to seal a business deal. Also, the road network would be reconstructed and restructured towards ensuring that the most obscure of places are easily accessible by road. The role this would play in aiding economic development is of high significance. 24 hour services along the expressways would help our rural areas become urbanized. Also, more jobs would be available for locals. This way, unemployment and crime which are impossible to evacuate completely shall be minimized. One advantage of a system that works is that it pushes the minds of the younger generations into a whole new world of creativity which could go either positively or negatively. The next iPod or piece of cutting edge technology could come to fruition with such a creative workforce on its best day. It could also stimulate negativity which could further worsen our synonymity with fraud and financial crimes. However, as President I shall look to ensure that that is the exception and not the norm.

More smiling/happy students

Another key part of my manifesto is towards ensuring that the educational sector is overhauled. Too many schools are present in our educational environment. The rational belief is that this would increase the standard of education and reduce the cost of education. However, it has only succeeded in spewing out a bunch of half baked people who do not know the difference between ‘am’ and ‘I'm’. As President I shall order the Ministry of Education to set up a team of inspectors who shall not be given any form of pay for meetings held (Just another exploitation medium). The team shall draw up its criteria for a good school and the educational institutions who do not meet this criteria shall be sealed, outlawed and charged to court for Fraud. Fraud in the sense that those responsible know what they are doing and willingly put out substandard education for the public to consume. (Same thing with putting fake drugs on the market for people to buy). I would also love to strengthen the education system by restructuring it and basing it on more practical learning methods. This would ensure that the education system shows people the way to solve problems when faced with them instead of the ‘cram as much as you can’ paradigm it currently espouses. I would like my Education task force to be likened to NAFDAC under Dora Akunyili's helm.

 If elected President, one of my objectives would be to ensure a tax will be placed on things like cigarettes and alcohol so as to ensure that although the principle of free will is not suppressed, it might deter some people from carrying out unproductive things on the large pedestal it presently occupies.

One thing which has long been established is that Nigeria's coffers are well endowed. Seeing its citizens go through the hustle and bustle they go through should be a sin. As Leader, it's my intention to put up a Trade Benefit Scheme that will help grant incentives to traders on a small scale and large scale pedestal so as to ensure that the Economy is stimulated towards reaching the heights it is capable of. Also, my government would look to create unemployment benefit schemes which would look to take care of those unable to work.

In developed nations, one area which is taken with utmost seriousness/regard is that of Welfare. The old/unable to work are well taken care of. In Nigeria, I'll look to replicate this to an extent by building old people's homes where the old shall be well taken care of in every local government area whilst paying them a stipulated amount on a monthly basis. I'll also look to rehabilitate the homeless/beggars who litter the streets by setting up a Make A Difference (M.A.D) campaign where they'll be educated, mentored by local heroes who they'll shadow in order to learn skills that could be of help with the paths they decide to toe.

When asked what he thought Nigeria’s biggest problem was, a chum of mine said “We are the problem. We are docile, love ourselves and as long as we are a bit fine, we’ll make noise and fail to act.”  Another said: “The big problem is that we are out for ourselves. Most great countries have people that would be willing to die to see the country move forward". I agree with the two of them. As a people, we are consistent at one thing; failing ourselves. Every election time, we run our mouths about how this time would be different from the last time. We flood the Beer Parlors and Social networking sites with our displeasure at the state of affairs. Do we come out and vote? Nope. If we’re not scared of getting attacked, we’re scared that our votes won’t count. The right to vote is something that should not be taken with a pinch of salt.  This further links to what a great inspiration of mine alluded to as our greatest problem: ‘Poverty of the mind’.  Our mind state needs retuning. Take for instance the myth of ‘experienced leaders’. Since 1999, all our leaders have had one thing in common: ‘Rich political experience’. Obasanjo ruled as a military leader between 1976 and 1979. Yar’ Adua spent 8 years as Governor of Katsina. Goodluck Jonathan is even richer in that sense. He’s served as a Deputy Governor, Governor and Vice President before becoming President. If ‘experience’ was what led a nation to greatness, how come we are where we are? What do we have to lose from going for change. We should strive not to be content with mediocrity but for progressive, lasting ideas. I remember Femi Kuti once saying that it’s only in a country like ours that someone like Babatunde Fashola can earn so much plaudits for doing his job: Ensuring that his people get the best. Mayowa Idowu 2039 strives for a secure, better Nigeria. A country where our children won’t have to cry themselves to sleep ‘cos they feel their dreams are impossible to fulfil. A Nigeria where the green passport would command as much respect as the red one. A Nigeria where the son of a fisherman would know that with good work ethic, he/she can attain greatness in any field desired. A Nigeria where people would flock to in order to gain quality education. A Nigeria with  efficient, well functioning agencies. This is possible with one thing: You and I combining efforts towards ensuring that Mayowa Idowu 2039 becomes reality.

This is written with the case scenario of me running for Elections in the present tense. 2039’s a long way from now and what the future holds is out of my control so I do acknowledge it might sound presumptuous. Also note, that this doesn't serve as a promise, more like a list of things I hope/intend to achieve. However, it’s my belief that the tongue holds all the power so I claim it happily for myself. Hope to see you fighting for the Mayowa Idowu brand in 2039. God bless you.


  1. Amen & It'd be about time. This is so brilliant Mayowa. You'd have my vote.:)

  2. Honestly its about time someone with a different perspective come and save Nigeria. This is a specatular piece.If u want to become president you definately have my vote!

  3. Woohoo! Mayowa for President! But seriously this is what our leaders need to be saying. My brother is irritated because he says no one is saying exactly what they are going to do. That is what you have just done.

  4. Mayo for too many days!
    This is a spectacular piece bereft of bias but rather embedded with facts from an evidently intellectual mind. I'm proud of what you have become man and can only pray that God shall keep you on the right path towards achieving your future goals. I think its a little too early to be casting votes lol but if you continue to tread this path ... when the time comes you'll have mine and those of my followers as well. More grease unto your elbows fam :)

  5. I Like That You Know Where You Stand, And What Needs To Be Done !
    Lets Hope By 2039 You Are Where You Need To Be To See Your Plans Come To Fruition

    And This!!!: "However, it has only succeeded in spewing out a bunch of half baked people who do not know the difference between ‘am’ and ‘I'm’." - On Education


  6. Your plan for Nigeria is realistic. Everyone keeps saying how Nigeria needs to change, how it needs to run on constant electricity and blaa blaa blaa. But how many of them have thought it out the way you have. Not many. Kudos on that.
    Also, you have a plan, something our leaders of today lack. They have destinations with no routes, where as you have a map. You know where you're going.
    Like Sidney said, it's too early to cast our votes, but with a mindset of such you'll be sure to attract voters.
    Everything's already been mentioned so I'm going to repeat anything.. but you should know I love it.
    Just be prepared to adapt it to any changes in the future.

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