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Sunday, April 17, 2011

In My Head

I'm one of those people who can spend a whole day loafing on Wikipedia reading on the most diverse of people. Some years back, I became familiar with Danny Fiszman. As a Director and majority shareholder of Arsenal Football Club, it was his idea that Arsenal moved from miniature Highbury to the edifice that is the Emirates Stadium. Alongside, Ken Friar (Managing Director at the time) the new stadium project was their pet project. He promised to work on a budget and ensure the stadium was up and running for a specific date. He fulfilled this promise. Of recent, he battled with cancer of the throat and was forced to sell his stake as his ability became constrained and also to ensure the club was left in the best hands. He passed away yesterday at the age of 66, a day after his stake in Arsenal was sold completely. I've had the pleasure of reading wider about him over the past 24 hours. I learnt that the £7.5 million transfer fee for future club legend, Dennis Bergkamp came from his pocket. From my reading, he's someone who was well respected for the way he went about his business. Never one to boast about how wealthy he was or what he had done for the club. It's cliché that when people die, good things are always said about them (People like Abacha and Hitler being exceptions) but Danny Fiszman encapsulates one of the things I think is most important in Life: a Good name. The tribute to him before the kick off of the Arsenal v Liverppol game was quite beautiful. Things can always be done in a classy way. He was extremely passionate about his football club but that didn't get in the way of doing things in the best way possible. Our Passion(s) shouldn't take away our rationality. May his soul find peace. 

I was reading an article somewhere recently where Beyonce came under heavy criticism. The person's bone of contention being that she's not deserving of her prima donna status as the leading female artiste of our time(75 million records sold, 16 Grammy's won). The argument was centred on the fact that her talent's restricted to Singing (Someone reminded me Dancing counts too). The writer argued that Mrs. Carter doesn't write her own songs( Tricky Stewart and The Dream would have been out of business), is not noted for playing any instrument. He crowned it by reminding us of 'Single Ladies'(An Ode to all the single ladies) coming out when she was married (After hitting Wikipedia up: she got married to Jay Z on April 4th 2008 and 'Single Ladies' dropped on October 12th 2008). His argument being that Beyonce lured the single ladies into a false sense of security when her life is a clear deviation for that. What do you think?

With improved technology, comes the banishing to the throes of obscurity, traditional ideas and principles. These days, we seem to have forgotten how to woo a woman in the right way. No one writes those 4 page love letters anymore. With our generation, one can conveniently get a girl without having seen her before. The equipment? Facebook's messaging function, Twitter's Direct Message mechanism, Blackberry Messenger and dependent on how much of a perfectionist one is, Skype. It's such a shame. No one goes on dates anymore. What do we do? Set 11pm as time for appointment via Skype. 

There's so much negativity on the Internet. Everyone finds it so easy to pass judgement on things they know little about. Every/Any fool has access to it thus making the task of spreading their irrationality conveniently easy and simple.  To stem this trend, I once shared the bright idea of a pop up Sanity test anytime one opened an Internet Browser. If one passes the test, the pop up disappears and they're free to use the Internet. If they don't, the Internet feature is automatically disabled and they don't get the pleasure of using this beautiful thing God gave us through Tim Berners Lee. (I had to show off how knowledgeable I am)

All change comes from Deviance. A lot of people who've influenced the world as we know it were perceived to be deviating form society's norms, attitudes and beliefs. Nelson Mandela was classified as a Terrorist for fighting against Apartheid. If Rosa Parks hadn't committed the 'crime' of sitting on that bus, racial boundaries would probably not have been broken down as soon as they were. My point? We don't have to criticize people for being different or try and force them to fit society. It's vital that there's an element of deviance for society to evolve. 

Am I the only one who takes pleasure in supporting a side/theory/school of thought I don't believe in/agree with, just for the sake of arguing or contradicting people?

Have a great week, 


  1. Funny thing is "Single Ladies" is about encouraging girls to 'put a ring on it' ie get married. She was flaunting her engagement ring in the video. The song was basically pro marriage so whoever said that thing about her being married wasn't making sense

  2. This would be, in fact it is an awesome piece but for the fact that I think it's all over the place. You start off talking about Danny Fiszman and his passion for football, then Beyonce and then move to obscurity of traditional ideas and principle, back to negativity on the Internet and then to change from deviance. I would probably see the point of each of these topics separately, but together, they're lacking any point to me, so I'm yet to see your point from all of this.
    That said, I like the idea of the Sanity test. That would be a laugh.

  3. Actually, you'll be shocked to find out the number of people that still go on dates. It's the whole meaning to the a date that has been abused.
    Cinema, "Straffs/Giving" and a kiss goodbye.
    However, I agree that the internet has taken over the power to woo. Men have it so easy these days.

  4. An "all over the place" post but then again, there's no need for a specific point. Each paragraph had its own unique ideas and views. It was all "in his head". Still nicely put out. So Mayowa, you take pleasure in supporting things u don't even believe in just for the sake of arguing ehn? Lol. Nice one.

  5. I do that to "supporting a side just for the sake of arguing"
    I agree with the woo-ing theory
    I miss the 4 page love letters
    And i have never been on a proper date (Movies don't count anymore)


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