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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Guest Blogger: Dear Diary: I Don't Want To Grow Up

I asked a good female friend of mine to share a diary entry. Find it below;

I'm really not in a hurry to grow up. I can wait to graduate, I'm terrified of driving, not in a hurry to start working, or live on my own or do anything that comes with growing up. I actually feel like I'm being forced to grow up faster than I want to.

Powerpuff Girls
As Told by Ginger

I miss the days when I had no care in the world. When the biggest decisions I had to make was whether to watch 'As Told by Ginger' or 'Powerpuff Girls' when they were showing at the same time or how many beads I wanted on my hair. Now I have to make many decisions that I don't think I'm ready to but I just have to. I have to start thinking about my future, my career, 10 year plans when I just want to be at home thinking about what I want to watch. The days when the biggest risk I had to take was doing back flips with my cousins at the risk of getting bruised and having to deal with spirit. Now I have to become a risk taker because to move forward in life you just have to close your eyes, let go and take risks. I miss the days when the only time I got disappointed was when I went to measure my height on the wall and discover that I hadn't grown. When I had never faced rejection and the only reason I had to cry was when I got bruised from playing or when my mum gave me that dreaded look when I was being naughty. Now, I have had to face disappointment, rejection, have to cry and go through things I don't want to be facing. "Disappointment is to the soul what cold water is to metal, it strengthens and intensifies it but never destroys it." They tell you, you have to go through all this to grow up but who said I want to grow up?

Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman'

I just want to go back to the days, when I watched 'Pretty Woman' and thought being a hooker meant a woman who just dressed badly until I found out what it actually meant. To when you could go to a playground, meet someone and act like you have known each other for years. To when I thought my daddy was actually Superman (he still is) and I thought I was a princess (still am). Go back to when I thought everyone in the world was nice. Before I knew about war, violence, discrimination, abuse, before I knew that people can harm you for no reason or for selfish reasons, before I knew greed or envy can move people to do the ugliest things. So, don't blame me if I don't want to grow up so fast and want to continue living in my own world where everything is perfect! But, time keeps on going, so I guess I have to start living reality and stop living in my fairy tale world.



  1. This So Describes Vome.. :*

  2. lol. @ Hooker meant a woman who just dressed badly



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