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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

'Skalid Ace Interview'

I got interviewed today by SkalidAce.com. Find below excerpts of the feature;

We need to take some time to recognize and encourage people of distinct personalities, especially the youths. People that know their worth, essence and significance in life; and that is something we, at Skalidace.com, embrace to the fullest.
We had an interview with the renowned blogger, aspiring lawyer and politician, Mayowa Idowu; an intellectual young man. Mayowa is a good example of the kind of people we need to watch out for in the coming years; he is someone that has big dreams and the type that is determined to make this dreams, no matter what, become a reality.
Below is the interview, and we urge you to take some time and go through it. It would definitely be beneficial and you will surely learn something

SA: Good day sir. My name is Oreoluwa Sofola and I would be your interviewer

Mayowa: Laughs. My name is Oluwamayowa Idowu and I would be your interviewee.

SA: First of all, I would just take the time to commend your work. We love your blogposts here at SkalidAce.com and must point out that you are an exceptional and unique writer. So tell us, what inspires you?

Mayowa: Thank you for the praise. My head's swelling. Biggest inspiration- Life. Dealings with people. Lessons I've learnt. I just try to look for the positive in everything and use it to create something the audience would find helpful.

SA: Can you tell us one of your biggest life lessons so far? I'm sure you have many, a particular one that you feel Is significant.

Mayowa: I never talk about this, but in my last year in Corona, I got suspended after an altercation with a junior. It hurt me seeing my parents disappointed. The lesson; always stay calm, never resolve your issues with violence. It can't get you far.

SA: Thank you. So how old is Mayowa, what is he currently studying and what are his plans for the future?

Mayowa: Mayowa is 18. Second year of A Levels. Intend to study Law/ Law with Politics. As for the future, so many things I intend to do. I want to release a book later this year. I want to be the greatest non-fiction writer of my generation. I will love to rule Nigeria (God willing, in 2039). I just want to be the dopest person possible and earn respect amongst my peers. I'm the most ambitious person ever.

SA: Wow, such big dreams you've got there! Hopefully, they would work out. Tell us, if you eventually become the president in 2039, would you give back to those that elected you or rather, Nigeria as a whole?

Mayowa: I have an article I started a while back that touches on this. When I release it, I'll let you know. Pride in being Nigerian. Belief in the system. It is vital that people know that they can dream and see those dreams come true- a system that doesn't inhibit its people.

SA: Who are your role models or people that inspire you and what reasons do you have for classifying them as such.

Mayowa: Tunde Fashola- He inspired a new generation of Nigerians. He's got a vision for his people and has worked towards it quietly. What he did, in his first six months as a Governor of Lagos, has impacted the people better than what some other Governor's did in their entire 4 year terms.

Musically, Kanye West. He is awesome and annoyingly honest.

I'm an Arsenal fan, so I like Arsene Wenger a lot. He's got a plan, and has stayed loyal to it despite criticism. I love strong-minded people. It might look like he doesn't know what he's doing, but I'll rather wait to see what the future holds and judge him based on results.

Usain Bolt inspires me too 'cos he's been able to talk the talk and back it up whilst displaying remarkable talent.

SA: Wonderful. So is there anything, anything at all that a good number of your peers engage in that are against your personal views/morals? It could be an act, an idea, anything.

Mayowa: Laughs. If I talk too much, I'll get hunted down and beaten up. Umm, I think it's wrong to treat girls in a 'douche baggy' manner.

SA: What sort of things do you classify as douche baggy?

Mayowa: This idea that women are second class citizens and don't deserve equal opportunities. We have to treat them with utmost respect 'cos they're responsible for holding  the world as we know it together. We all love our Mother's and treat them with respect, so why can't we treat the girls in our lives similarly? She'll be someone's wife and mum one day.

SA: That's nice. Moving on, what is your relationship life saying at the moment?

Mayowa: Its dead and inexistent. Nothing in the picture.

SA: Oh, I'm sorry ( if it counts). Tell us something that you would never be caught doing.

Mayowa: Writing a rap. I hate cliché's and it's reached that level now. I've been through that phase and it's not something I look back on fondly.

SA: is there any item that you never leave your house with?

Mayowa: Besides my phone, lip balm and bank card, I don't think there's anything I leave the house with. Unless, it's for a specific reason.

SA: is there any advice you would like to give young people like you who have big dreams but feel their dreams are too big to become a reality. 

Mayowa:  It's as simple as this. Everything starts with YOU. If you believe in yourself, it's only natural that others would too.  With God, nothing's impossible. Speak your dreams into existence, put in the hours and everything would fall into place.

SA: Thank you very much for sparing us your time, Mayowa. It was wonderful having you.

Mayowa: My pleasure.


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