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Monday, March 21, 2011


Goodluck Jonathan cannot move Nigeria forward. Every time I remember his mismanagement of the 'Independence Day Bomb Crisis' this comes to mind. He doesn't deserve to be where he is. He is there as a child of circumstance.

 As much as I hate to say, he's still the front runner. I'm pretty confident that the scale of rigging would reduce drastically this time around and that's a reason to be positive. With the quality of candidates running, I think our progress as a nation is just a matter of time. What these people have done is inspire this generation. When was the last time we had so many mainstream people in this position? What 2011 is going to do is make 2015 the year things change. I expect the scale of election malpractice to drop this year and I think 2015 will be a pretty decent time for us to get rid of the PDP. Who's next? Do I hear you whisper “Tunde Fashola”? The Hero of this era would be done with his term as Lagos Governor. After leading the nation's most important state (Don't take it personal), the next port of call? Aso Rock. It's too early to say though as things could change at any time. I look forward to drawing a petition summoning a Fashola/Duke ticket in 2015.

The D'Banj interview? Did you expect nothing other than that from an endorser to an endorsee? Did you think after continuosly rejecting the invitation to a debate from his opponents, he was going to get something as hard hitting?

Goodluck's strategy by running the interview a day before the debate was a deft political move. Why? He got all the attention before Ribadu, Shekarau and Buhari did and he didn't have to share it.

Speaking of the Debate, thou shall not underestimate its power. It's not a determining factor but it does help in changing opinions. Shekarau's stock is on the rise as a result of this. Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems are in power as they had quite a remarkable performance in the Debates and this was key in the election build up.

A new user generated photo community by the name of 'Shutterfeeds' is on the rise. I'm involved with it and would appreciate your checking out; to get a broader picture of what it's all about. The website is still under construction but you could still Shutterfeeds.com to get more information. NS1463 article

One disadvantage of having a blog is that when you express a view contrary to what you expressed in the past you get accused of being self contradictory. Erm, maybe it's just that I grew as a human being and my perspective of life changed. We can't hold the same views all our lives. That's an indicator of stagnancy. Sometimes, being self contradictory can be a sign of growth as a human being.

The past 10 days have been some of my best thus far. Thanks to all the people who have made it tick in different ways. Thanks to Baba God for being ever merciful.

Have a great week,


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