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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life Lessons: Mayowa's Laws

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is highly revered in his position as C.E.O and Founder of Apple, the makers of those beautiful gadgets: Macs and iPods. Jobs and his partner Steve Wozniak started out in 1976 designing and assembling computers in the Jobs family garage.  That was how Apple came into life. Jobs has had some tough times, he’s battled cancer, had a liver transplant and some other health complications. He also resigned from Apple after a tiff with the board. Although, he was to make a return some years later. It was during his second coming when Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy that he came up with the iPod and iMac . The iPod particularly built on the premise of improving what disc and walk men had done and also to help in eliminating the difficulty Jobs found with other digital music players and their overly complex interfaces.  By ensuring that the iPod’s functionality was dependent on its music management software iTunes, Jobs and his team of workers were on to a winner. The iPod had its cynics with that loudmouth, Alan Sugar (I refuse to call him ‘Sir’) famously remarking in 2005 “Next Christmas, the iPod will be dead, finished, gone. Kaput”. We’re in 2011 and the iPod is believed to have sold over 260 million times (as at April 2010) making it one of the most profitable inventions of our time.  In 2009, the iTunes Music reached the sale of its 6billionth song.  Never one to rest on his oars, Jobs further revolutionalized our times with the iPhone which sold 270,000 in its first hour of availability. Its successor, the iPhone 3G sold 1 million units within 3days of hitting the market. Jobs was also the force behind Pixar studios, the leading maker of animated movies  from whose stable box office hits like Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles emanated. He was able to engineer the sale of Pixar to Disney whilst gaining a spot on the Disney Board and making him the company’s largest individual shareholder.

kanYe West
kanYe West. (I just had to talk about him) is the consummate entertainer. As one of the hottest rappers in the game and a leading Producer, he stands out easily. To get to where he is, he faced a struggle to gain acceptance in an Industry which was oblivious to the existence of non sagging, Polo wearing, middle class rappers with the dominant stereotype being the ‘gangstar’ rapper. The story goes that during that phase of hustling to get a record deal whilst at a meeting with a very eager Columbia Records executive, Michael Mauldin who had flown him from his Chicago hometown to New York and given him first class limousine treatment,  kanYe started running his mouth on how he was going to be a bigger Producer/Rapper than Jermaine Dupri (who was the standard at the time) totally unconscious of the fact that Mauldin was Dupri’s father. It won’t surprise you to know he didn’t get that deal. He was also involved in a life threatening accident which inspired his break out single ‘Through the Wire’. As an artiste, his trademark lies in his ability to create music based on samples. (Listen to ‘Good Life’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘Pretty Young Thing’)

Quincy Jones, the Producer of P.Y.T(Pretty Young Thing) and kanYe West

Jermaine Dupri and kanYe West

If a list of the most charismatic people of the 20th Century was made, Princess Diana would probably top it. Pretty, fashionable and respected, she had it all (well, besides a successful marriage).  Diana’s greatness lay in her emphasis on charitable work. In August 1987, she was the first public figure of note to be knowingly photographed with an AIDS patient.  She also dedicated a significant proportion of her time and resources in campaigning against landmines and the dangers posed with injuries on the discerning.  According to Nurses, at the Mildmay Hospice in London she would make visits unannounced instructing out rightly that they were concealed from the media.

Princess Diana and the AIDS patients

As Steve Jobs said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and follower”. As cliché as it is, it’s not far from the truth, ideas rule the world. It doesn’t have to be extra complicated. Jobs developed the iPod based on difficulties he encountered with other gadgets and has constantly set and smashed his own records. You can keep it simple and come out winning. By being the first public figure to be photographed with an AIDS patient, Diana broke down the stigma attached to AIDS sufferers. She reminded us that they were human like us and they required our support. For years to come, she’ll still be remembered for that deed. kanYe West might have struggled to get to where he is but 14 Grammy Awards later (expect more in 2012), he’s got the most in Hip Hop. To say he has transcended the genre is being modest. He doubles as both the first Rapper to ever cover Time magazine and also the first non athlete to ever design a shoe line with Nike (the Air Yeezy's). What do this three have in common? They consistently broke down barriers. Jobs and West have achieved success by being highly creative and developing on things that existed before them. They might not essentially be regarded as the original originators, but we would always acknowledge the work they’ve put in towards developing the world as we know it. The road to success is tough and strewn with difficulty. However, it’s nothing other than a test. Persistence would see you through. What Princess Diana proved is that with good will, one can never do wrong. She always wore a smile and she remains arguably the most loved human being of my lifetime (Probably only Nelson Mandela comes close).  Self belief is also essential. If you believe in yourself, it’s only a matter of time that people would see this and do the same. Speak things into existence. kanYe West might have ran his mouth but we’ve all come to see he’s become by far a bigger and more revered force in Music than Jermaine Dupri. THINK UP MILLION DOLLAR IDEAS.  HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THEM.  PRAY TO GOD. LIVE RIGHT AND WORK HARD.  NOTHING BUT SUCCESS SHALL BE YOU PORTION.  And these are Mayowa’s Laws. 

Steve Jobs Time cover

Kanye West Time Cover


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  4. Articles like this always pique my interest cos i believe there's something I can do to make a difference. This was inspirational

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  7. This Is Brilliant!!!
    What work has Kanye put into developing the world as we know it??

  8. Erm, without him, our iPod's won't be as awesome as they are. From producing for people like Jay Z, Alicia Keys, T.I and Common to giving acts like John Legend, Big Sean, Lupe Fiasco and Mr Hudson their big breaks. Also, with 808s and Heartbreak, he spawned a new genre and laid the path for people like Drake and Kid Cudi.

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