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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guest Blogger: Explore Your Creativity- Tunde Oyebode

Music has been one of the greatest influences in my life. I suck at dancing and this inability has always affected my confidence. I really hate to admit, but music is the one thing that has made me ignore this inability. You know that feeling you get from the perfect combination of intoxicating instrumentals and deep vocals, that’s what makes me dance without a care in the world whilst helping me forget that confidence issue. As a child, music lifted my spirit I sang songs at the slightest opportunity, anywhere I was and to anyone I was comfortable singing to. I sang to God, sometimes in my mom’s presence. I even sang to some girls, with out caring how I sounded. It was just a powerful thing and because of the personality I have it had a different effect on me, a more personal relationship. I even had a point in my life that I was recognised for being able to sing (Although that didn’t last to long because of my confidence issue and a greater passion for another form of creativity, which would be discussed another day).

Basically all this is just to introduce you to how music really gets to me, if it were a person or being I’ll probably worship it (jokes). One of my proudest and most memorable moments took place when I made up a song with out writing and sang it out while I was doing my chores. My mom walked in and asked me what I was singing and I told her it was something that just came to me and she commended my creativity and it put a smile on my face. As I’ve grown older, my love for music has grown strong to the point that I can’t do with out it for a day. If I don’t have earphones I get so pissed off and upset. I discover new things and new people in the business everyday and this knowledge makes me proud, but the most annoying and upsetting discovery about music (majorly hip hop and rap industry) is the accusations of main stream rappers and hip hop artistes being affiliated with devil worshipping groups or whatever they think Freemasonry and the Illuminati involve. This topic has become very popular lately and it’s incredibly ridiculous. The accusations levied on people like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, D Banj and many more artistes out there are outrageous. To tell you the truth, I can’t see why people spread such rumours or accusations. As I grow I realise how really evil humans are, they would do anything to cramp your flow or kill your success. It’s pointless and a bit sad. I would like to concentrate on Kid Cudi because he is my favourite artiste and the only favourite artiste I have ever had, so you can imagine how this accusations would affect my view of music and the industry. I don’t believe all that crap, I mean because some guy raps about how he likes to ‘get high’,  how the death of his father when he was young affected him or how he regrets the wrong moves he has made and people distort the message to suit their propaganda.

Kid Cudi and Jay Z
The thing people don’t understand is that most mainstream artistes out there are brilliant, they are poetic and they also want to make a living. The brilliance and poetic skills influences there lyrics, they can use anything and say anything to represent their life and this lyrics relates to the real fans. The others enjoy the bits or read separate meanings to the track. The fact that they want to make a living is a force that drives them to also use words or discuss topics that would help them sell their records, for example if cheese becomes the latest phenomenon then people would rap or sing about it because that’s what people want to hear. That’s the reason we hear such controversial topics on records. Consumers are animals; they want something so you have to feed them. When they want to hear about wars and American presidential controversies they listen to Lupe fiasco, when it’s the controversy behind the spread of  AIDS they want they listen to B.o.B’s mixtapes and when they want something apologetic they’ll listen to Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’. The most popular and successful artistes are the ones that talk about the most controversial topics at the time, for example Fela Kuti and his constant references to the military dictators of  Nigeria. The thing we don’t understand is that artistes are aware that if they are not talked about, then they are nothing. For you to make the money and fame you want then you must be talked about and for you to be talked about you must do unique things (Chris Brown dying his hair and releasing nude pictures in the build up to the release of his new album, ring a bell?).  You must stand out. You must really be dope. Even the holiest of beings know that. God almighty teaches us that for people to become Christians and people to believe, then the gospel must be spread. There must be miracles. Things have to be incredibly unique. This is what artistes like Kanye, Kid Cudi and others capitalise on. Nobody else is like them. They are incredibly unique and different.

That’s why we know them and they stand out and sell millions of records. For them to stand out they might need to do crazy things. These crazy/unique things could be misread and that’s what starts these useless accusations. These crazy acts don’t necessarily make them devil worshippers but innovators, in the future. A new topic would be talked about and their lyrics would change. The greater the controversy, risk and hard work behind your creativity the more people would want to listen or view your work. Nobody wants to pay for something that isn’t worth anything. Let’s explore our creativity, stay true to Christianity and forget the haters or those that try and put us down. Deuces!

Tunde Oyebode.


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