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Friday, February 25, 2011

Train of Thoughts.

I had a pretty tedious underground journey yesterday. To ensure that something was gained, I decided to lay my thoughts down. Find below

I started an article two days ago (it wasn't as poignant as I'll have liked so I deleted it) touching on the idea of girls going around with this idea that whilst out with boys,  it's an obligation of some sort that the boy pays for the financial costs incurred. Personally, I see it as well mannered to pay but it irks me when one comes with the expectation that it's a must and it is their God given right. What do you think?

Another thing to do with girls. A while back, I was with my friend 'Nate' at our mutual friend 'Serena's. Towards the end of our stay Serena's friend 'Jenifa' whom Nate and I were meeting for the first time ever came in and said "I'm hungry". Serena replied "There's no food at home” to which she was met by  'Jenifa's  "So what are these guys for?" in reference to Nate and I. I didn't pay much thought to it until later on and then it linked to an idea I have expressed on this platform previously that in the eyes of girls, a prerequisite was 'Money'. I do realize that generalizing is wrong so I'll shout out all those girls who don't pay too much attention to the thickness of the wallet.  What do you think? Agree or Disagree?

If something is true, how the hell does it qualify as cocky when one says it? "You want me to be great but you don't want me to say I'm great" (I think I've said that before).

On that note, as I sit on this train, look around and remember how awesome I am I say to myself... "If I wasn't me, I'll love to be me." No one man should have all that power.

It's a common occurrence to hear people remark "These days, everybody seems to have a blog" when one tells them they've got a blog. This thing gets on my nerves in the sense that it doesn't make me think I'm doing what the masses do. I'm pretty sure of one thing,  90% of the blogs I know and follow are bloody dope and they're centred on the most diverse of topics so everyone would find something they are interested in. It vexes me when people make such ignorant remarks. There can never be enough stars in the sky. Get up and find something that works for you instead of killing the joy of people who have surpassed you in that regard.

Of recent, I've come to fall in love with two blogs. They are;

Laolu Osinbajo; Olaolu was a good friend of mine in Primary School but you know how those things go. Lose contact and then meet each other many years in the future via social networking. He looks at things from a humorous angle and I think that's really cool. He's also a very interesting person to follow on Twitter.. @KidLuuComedian. In his words, “Don’t forget to put a laugh on your smile”.

Demi Egbeyemi: I see a lot of myself in Demi in the sense that we have similar views on football and music. However, his key interest lies in Film. His Tumblr is one of the best I've ever come across and I think it's an injustice to his work ethic if his blog doesn't get as many hits as possible. Catch him on Twitter @demiyemii. By the way, today’s his birthday so kindly wish him a good one.

Always pay attention to detail. I almost got myself lost in a part of London I know nothing about from not reading instructions properly.

My Mum's been complaining about my brother being destructive. Is it only me who thinks that no one goes out of their way to hurt us so it's either a mistake, an accident or something that just goes beyond our control? I know it doesn't stop or take away the hurt we feel but I think it's something we should all take on board.

As members of the audience, a good number of us are too passive and fail to spot basic discrepancies we should. Late last year, as Echo 2010 approached, people tried to get '#CauseofEcho2010' trending on Twitter. The thing that struck with me is that I don't recall any one person pointing out the error. If you're yet to, I hope you realize there's a difference between 'cause' and 'cos'. What our dear friends meant to say was that 'Because of Echo 2010' which would rationally then be shortened to 'cos'. Also, to my Twitter chums, the concept of '#FF'(Follow Friday) whereby you recommend follow options on Twitter for the rest of your followers on a Friday has been subjected to this type of manipulation.. Gradually, 'FF' has become the lingo when asking someone to follow one back, even on Sundays and Wednesdays. We need to stop being passive and learn to filter these things out before they become ingrained in us.

Is it only me who sees a semblance of some sorts between:


Jack Wilshere

Looking back, I should have called this a Rant Session, but that would probably have scared you away... Feedback would be appreciated.

Shout out to my Lover. 


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