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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Musings (It's not about Football so all you girls, don't be quick to close it)

I do realize it's just half way through but that was such a great performance from Arsenal. Yesterday was such a joyous occasion. Shout out to all the 'once a years' who come out in full force in times like these.

Watching the news yesterday, I came across the story of two brothers who passed away recently. The older one, a 16 year old drove his father's car without permission alongside his younger brother and 14 year old friend. He got in an accident and tragically, they all passed away. Moral: Everything has its season. It's normal for us to want to do things we've seen adults do without having the qualifications/pre requisite to. Everything good will come. Let's just stay true to us and do things at the right time.

God answers our prayers. All you have to do is humble yourself and ask. This week has been great for me in all ways. Probably, my best in the year thus far. Everything I've asked him for, he has given me. For that, I say Thank you Baba God.

After reading an Okey Ndibe piece on Sahara Reporters a few weeks back; I tweeted;

"We need to stop comparing our misfortunes."

"E.g. When someone says "I failed a test. We'll say "At least, you passed me". When did there become a gold standard for failure/negativity?"

As human beings it's natural that there are times we go through our dark phases and people counter it by telling us how 'not bad'(Mayoism) the situation is in comparison to theirs. We're all unique human beings. We don't choose what affects us. No control whatsoever. By comparing our misfortunes, the problem isn't solved. It just makes us less willing to share our problems as the words we get in return aren't as soothing as they should. We’re all guilty of this and I think it’s essential we are more cautious of the effect it has on others.

This weekend, something really dope happened to me. I was chilling with a friend of mine when a guy who's a friend of my friend came up to tell my friend 'Hello'. He then said to me "You're Mayowa." I replied in the affirmative. He knew me 'cos he'd been on the blog a few times and we then engaged in a discussion and he had positive things to say. I want to say Thank you to everyone who's told a friend to tell a friend and been of support. It means a lot. It might not be that big a deal to you but that was the highlight of my weekend and it really made me happy knowing that the blog isn't a waste of time/space. (I'm becoming a celebrity though)

Shout out to those who've had headaches over the past days. Sorry, God be with you.

Hope you had a good Val's Day
Wishing you a great weekend,
Mr. Idowu


  1. Another lovely piece I can relate to. It really annoys me when people try to downplay a misfortune of mine by saying things like "it's not that big a deal now" or "at least it's not as bad as the other person's". That really isn't the point..the point is something bad happened and I'm upset about it.

    Nice one Mayowa. Xx

  2. Nice post :)
    the story of the kids that died in the car crash is real sad :(
    and its true bout "comparing our misfortunes".. i know i'm so guilty of that,lol


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