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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lost In The World

Kanye West is my Hero. (Like you didn’t know that). On his latest album, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’, one of my favourites - ‘Lost In the World’. It stands out for me as the poetry styled verse documents the two sides of the spectrum all things in life seem to possess. These two sides of the spectrum bring out both the good and bad in us (at the same time). This could include the friends we have, that girl/boy we deceive ourselves we love, the football team we support (Arsenal, I see you) etc. I decided to do my 8 liner (What’s the technical term for it? Internet Restrictions impeded my finding this out) making use of binary opposites like Kanye . Find below;

You’re my Jesus, you’re my Satan
You’re my hero, you’re my villain
You’re my disease, you’re my medicine
You’re my floor, you’re my ceiling
You’re my drought, you’re my rainfall
You’re my starvation, you’re my ‘ounje’
You’re my love, you’re my hate
You’re my beginning, you’re my end.

You’re my devil, you’re my angel
You’re my heaven, you’re my hell,
You're my now, you're my forever,
You're my freedom, you’re my jail,
You're my lies, you’re my truth,
You're my war, you're my truce
You’re my questions, you’re my proof
You’re my stress, you’re my masseuse

I might just decide to say mine over a beat.


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