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Saturday, January 22, 2011


This is a Rant. You have been warned!

Just the other day (few weeks back), I cut my hair (for reasons best known to me). I expected different responses, ranging from 'Why did you cut your hair?' to 'Oh my God, I've been wanting to do something like this, you're so brave'.

And indeed, I got these responses, but what i did not expect is for a 'friend' to stop talking to me because I shaved my hair off. (notice that friend is in quotes? i dont consider said person a friend again). But the one that intrigued me the most was a couple of girls that have told me they have wanted to take their hair off, for different reasons, but haven't done so because they have friends who have promised not to talk to them if they don't.

In related news, some time towards the end of last year, I decided that i was going to try teaching. I do not even want to start remembering some of the comments a lot of people that are supposed to be close to me have made on this decision.

In their opinion, teaching is an old person's job, it is for mediocre people and it doesn't pay well. Some of them have even asked me why I'm settling for teaching with all the potential I have inside of me. I remember just today, when I went to participate in the voters' registration exercise, I was asked for my occupation and I said I was a teacher. The sound of the laughter that emanated from some of the people around is not something I'd forget in a hurry.

But what exactly is wrong with our generation? When did it become 'settling' for anyone to want to try out a possible route to happiness? Why is there so much emphasis on money, outward appearances and 'beauty' (whatever that word means)? When did it become acceptable to laugh at someone because of their profession or career choice?

I used to think that a career or profession was a choice for life, something that would make an individual happy for the rest of their lives. But I have been proven wrong by those individauls who laughed at me today.

I used to think that happiness was more important than money. Guess I thought wrong!
I used to think 'beauty' was an inside thing, I obviously have been living under a rock!

End of Rant!

P.S I will be sending an official apology to all the teachers I ever laughed at while I was in secondary school. Its the least I can do, seeing as I feel their pain now :-)


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