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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mayowa's Thoughts: Beating Girls

I don't believe in the Concept of Regret ‘cos I'm of the firm belief that things happen for a reason and that what might seem as a semi disaster, is in reality just a part of the learning curve we face as humans. However, if I did come close to having any regrets whatsoever, it would be for hitting girls in my past life. (I was young, naïve and knew no better).

Ever since Chris Brown made Rihanna forget her name, the issue of violence between males and females has been under the spotlight to a large extent. It has  always been a borderline issue but that case, particularly involving two of the biggest hit makers in the world at that time on the eve of the Grammy Awards where they were both scheduled to perform, took it to the mainstream. Everyone who was anyone was talking about it.

It's a long accepted fact that boys are physically stronger than girls. (Well, except she's like Efe from 'Efe and Jude, the Punch cartoon). We know it, they know it. However, it's still common to see girls who provoke boys. At the same stage of my life I'll like to forget, I had quite a problem controlling my anger and it's no surprise that I tended to try to solve this via Violence. It didn't matter the person's sex. However, I was soon to get my Reality check. The lesson was clear: Never ever, proceed to solve a problem with your fist.

Coming to England, I've been provoked by girls on so many occasions, that part of me is yet to come out so it's safe to say it's dead and buried. Being the joker that I am, I look to have fun 24/7 without caring whose ox is gored. What annoys me is when I'm clearly joking and someone (in this case a girl) takes offence to it and shows me their most irrational side. Case scenario: I was on my own one day, this girl comes and hits me at the back of my knee (You know that thing people do to put you in an awkward position where you get caught by surprise). I didn't say or do anything. Five minutes later, I returned the favor to our dear friend. She then blurts out "Only you o. I don't even know why you like looking for trouble too much". I then go to her face (jokingly) and she says "Get out of my face" and slaps me in the chest( It wasn't a hot slap. But still) I'm not used to being disrespected like that. Like the gentleman I'm trying/working so hard to be, I leave the scene and proceed to my room to create this piece of writing. My mind starts wandering. They know we're stronger than them so why do they provoke us. In that case, a boy who resorts to violence can't be seen as the guilty party. They might not have gone through that phase I've gone so on their behalf I plead, forgive them for they know no better. People would always say "No matter what, never hit a girl". I agree to an extent but the ladies must also learn to stop provoking us. (This is no generalization). In all honesty, there's only so much pain and abuse a human being can take. I know of people who have hit girls not 'cos they can't handle themselves but cos it seems like the only way of solving the problem encountered. The said girls go out of their way to taunt, tease and abuse my brothers. You can only ignore for so long. Just as when you pour water in a cup, it gets gradually full and then starts to overflow. The restraint cup can only take its volume. Anything more, it would crack/overflow. So don't blame our friends who then seek to bring the trouble they get to an end via violence.

As my Sociology has taught me, we're all different people from the most diverse of backgrounds. What I see as wrong might not be what you see as wrong. Hitting a lady is wrong. However, provoking us is also wrong. We can also say it's foolish when one considers the fact that generally we're stronger than you. I know David beat Goliath but what are the odds that you'll be Davida? Just respect yourself and we'll return the favor and live happily ever after.


  1. This is infact "on point" Mayowa. Nicely written again. Kudos to ur blog!

  2. I disagree on two points:

    1. provocation is never an excuse. People have done things to me that have made me seriously consider paralyzing them and leaving them seriously scarred. But I haven't done either of these things. It's not only because of self-restraint. It's because there are other ways to handle things than by beating someone to a pulp.

    2. Chris Brown didn't make Rihanna forget her name. The illuminati framed him. (that's my theory and I'm sticking with it).

    Nice pist :) you just got yourself a new follower


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