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Monday, January 3, 2011

Koko Concert Thoughts

Koko Concert
24th December 2010
Expo Hall, Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Until the day of the show, I disliked Wiz Kid. That was based on Twitter interaction. His 'Holla at Your Boy' is actually a nicer song than I thought. He has a new fan. As the opening performer, he got the show moving on a sound note whilst whetting the appetite of those young ladies present.

Ebuka Obi Uchendu is effortlessly cool. On the Ultimate Cool List, only Naeto C would give him a run for that #1 spot.

Being among the first to see the 'Over the Moon' video was a pleasure. It's a decent video.

Kaffy and her crew killed it. No one woman should have all that power. Although, she did get smacked in the face by one of her crewmates.

Sauce Kid is one energetic performer. I detest 'E don dey Madt' so my displeasure with him performing it first is understandable. 'Under G' was ruined to some extent by that hype man of his although I still enjoyed it. He pulled the normal 'one girl on stage' and 'throw object to the crowd' tricks.

If there's anyone who comes close to being the Fela of our generation, D'Banj is your man. It's common for people to criticize his lyrics saying they lack substance. It's worthy that one remembers the number of 'God motivated' songs in his discography when criticizing. At the risk of incurring my father's wrath, Fela just used to talk. However, it can be argued that he courts the Fela comparisions with his style of dressing.

Wearing heels to a concert. Does that make sense? (This isn't sarcastic.)

I shook; Eldee, D'Prince, M.I, Dr Sid, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, Wande Coal and Naeto C. I'm pretty cool, right?

Ice Prince had on the Kanye West for Louis Vuitton shoes (The Jaspers). On the back of that, I'll buy his album.

Don Jazzy must get praise for being one who shies away from attention. It's rare finding people with such talent and achievement to back it up who are content to play the role of Coordinating the supporting vocalists while his all star team take all the adulation and praise.

The generational shift to buying music digitally via iTunes and co is not exactly a hit on this part of the world. (It's still early days though.) Dr Sid's last album; 'Turning Point' was pushed mostly on the web. When a question was put to the audience on who bought it, the response was lukewarm. When he decided to break into 'E Ba Mi Jo', very few people were actually in on the act.

You can hate on D' Prince all you want but based on the past year, he's gonna have a decent run under the spotlight. He had two of the biggest songs this year in 'Jonzing World' and 'Omoba' without dropping an album. 'Ooze', 'I Like What I See' and 'Give it to Me' commanded serious radio play at different stages of the year.

The name 'MoHits' is an example of the self fulfilling prophecy. Very few Nigerian collectives(How many are there sef?) can hold the audience down for the more than 2 hours the way the MoHits all stars did. For like the past 3 years, I've told myself that their star was on the wane and in a short time, they'll be gone. As the years come and go, they keep proving me and the other doubting Thomases wrong. That's worthy of a round of applause.

The 'Mr Endowed' remix- I don't develop strong opinions of songs on the first listen. Especially, when you're at a place with hundreds of people and what you hear of the song is limited so pardon my not touching it.

"Shey, I tell you say Snoop Dogg dey come". Thinking about it, what were the odds Snoop Dogg would spend Christmas in Nigeria?

K Switch needs to drop a single.

Dr Sid is quite a cool character. He's capable of delivering a good take on the British accent. (Seeing as renowned actor Justus Esiri is his father, that should not be a surprise). He's also capable of busting dance moves that'll make you smile.

In the school of aspiring artistes, Ikechukwu should be a case study on how not to blow the opportunities thrust in your path. As Wande Coal started to perform 'Kiss your Hand', he didn't cut out the bit where he sings 'Ikechukwu' also, on the projector before the show documenting the MoHits All Stars, he was heavily featured so what looks like a random attack was actually inspired by the going on's at the event. Very few artistes, get the chance to work with the two biggest record labels in the land without leaving their footsteps in the sands of time. Thinking about it, no one was given as much chance as Killz. It's not rocket science that if he played his cards right, he could have been performing at the biggest event in the land on Christmas Eve and making headlines for good stuff on Christmas Day. He was probably somewhere mulling about the chances blown. He's pretty much been blackballed these days. He is hardly seen at major events nowadays, his last album bricked and he's not on the best of terms with industry elite. We know the story of his last encounter with the News (The Rehab incident) and that sums everything up.

The greatest compliment one can pass is that, for this generation and the one(s) to come, the MoHits all stars shall be the standard for greatness. In years to come, you shall hear "Can they perform as well as the MoHits all Stars?", "Can he dance like Dr Sid?", "Can he sing like Wande Coal?", "Are his beats as good as Don Jazzy's?" "Can he be the complete entertainer, the way D'Banj was?" Any artiste, who cannot fulfill these criteria, has no right to have the word 'great' attached to them.

Pardon the quality of the pictures, they were taken with my phone.


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