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Monday, January 24, 2011


Last night, for reasons best known to me, I was really angry. I decided to put my feelings unto paper. I'll probably regret this two weeks from now but the happiness of the fans- Supreme.

My mood is grim,
To solve this problem,
I pick up my pen,
And try and make it make love to the paper
'Bobo yii, o ti e le'
It's not looking good
It makes no sense,
Happy one minute,
Totally angry at the world the next
I know my value and worth,
Why let such people get to me?
Always misunderstood
Always alienated
Always ill-treated
But I take everything in
Too strong to let such B.S affect me
I'm tired
Tired of pretending I care, when I don't
Tired of pretending I'm affected by your irrationality,
Tired of defending myself every five minutes,
Tired of explaining my every statement
Always misunderstood
Always misunderstood
Always the object of ridicule
Truth be told, I care no more
Those I trust and hold dear
Take me, for who I am,
Flaws and all
No judging,
No having to explain every sentence
No pretending they like me when I can see through their every move/step
Lessons learnt
Damn the world
Damn the world
Damn you for killing my joy
Damn me for letting you kill my joy
I don't care if you don't like me or think I'm a douche bag
All I ask
Never, ever undermine my craft
Overlook the messenger
Take the message
The quicker you do that, the better my world becomes.

Reading back, it's self contradictory to some extent.


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