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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Cool/Power List: k- Kalology- Theodora Mogo

k- kalology- study of beauty

Makeup has always been a thing of fascination for me. Right from when I was much younger, I always loved watching my mum make up; the whole process of applying colours in form of eye shadows, blush, bronzers, eyeliners etc always intrigued me and made me realise every woman can be beautiful with the right set of colours in the right places.

I brushed up my skills at Brownies makeup world and I'm updating my knowledge in the various areas such as bridal, run-way/fashion, neutral, photo shoots, evening, event and every day makeup. I'm still very new in the business but I've done a couple of jobs for fashion shows, photo shoots and personal celebrations. I worked at the MAD fashion show and a couple of music videos last December.
As I see potential in different faces, I can only crave for opportunities to give them a good make over.

Find below images showing Theodora's work;

Sidebar: Accept my apologies on the Cool/ Power List's sudden disappearance. This was as a result of me losing the gadget which held all the features whilst I was on holiday. It shall continue this week. Oh! Yeah! Happy Birthday to my brother, Adeleye. Wishing you all you wish yourself.


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