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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Cool/Power List-p- Photograpgher- Baba Ikanade Agba & Kayode Adegbola

Editor's Note: This was written as at December last year so pardon the minor glitch.
Also, the pictures of Kayode and Baba were specially done for this blog. Kayode's picture was taken by Baba and Baba's was taken by Kayode.

Photographer [fəˈtɒgrəfə]
a person who takes photographs, either as a hobby or a profession

Baba Ikanade Agba

I am Baba Agba, second year economics student with a passion for Photography. One of the earliest memories of me being around a camera is doing video commentary on our annual Christmas family trips to the country side, full on with facts about the various towns, villages and states we drove by. This I believe, along with my passion for nature sparked my love for photography. This was over 10 years ago; unfortunately I am not sure of the actual year. I've been shooting casually since then.  I started shooting properly 2 years ago when I got my current camera, a Sony Alpha-200. I'm not really sure why I asked my parents to get me one, just felt the urge to get a camera. It was actually a birthday gift, guess you could say it was meant to be.

Photography lets me capture the world as I see it, and my work is more or less a portal used to relay it to the public. I am freelance so I more or less shoot as I go along.  Most of my pictures are from my travels and thus vary greatly in mood, scenery and theme. The architecture, people and culture of my various destinations are my inspirations.  I recently got an Honorary Mention at the International Photography Awards. I am still growing as a Photographer, and hope to get much better. I am also the President/C.E.O of MoonVibe Entertainment. We are organising a youth showcase event ‘Etalage’ on the 19th of December 2010 at the Expo Centre, Eko Hotel. The show aims at providing a platform for talented Nigerian youth to showcase their talent, whilst performing alongside established mainstream industry acts.

Baba's Pictures;
Notre Dame
Omi Olota


Baba on Kayode
Kayode is a 3rd year law student with a passion for photography. He is also free lance like I am, but focuses more on portraits and action shots. His creative style is monochrome with a vintage tinge. He is currently gearing up for his debut exhibition. It’s sure to be a fun night. He has covered numerous events such as the  'Something About You' video shoot and the ThisDay Music Festival featuring R.Kelly. He is an amazing photographer with a lot of experience for his age. You should definitely check out his blog, there is something for everyone on there.

Kayode Adegbola
My interest in Photography was borne during my younger years when as part of my growing up/ experimentation with various ideas, I kept a scrapbook - a green 60-leaf exercise book from The Vale College, with photos of family and friends from holidays and events. When we got connected to the internet at home in the mid-90s, I would always go online to look at photos I liked. I vividly remember once visiting P. Diddy's official website, there was a portrait of him wearing a sharp suit with sunglasses, reading a publication that was either the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times. I still hadn't become conscious for my love and passion for photography; and in fact didn't become conscious about it until mid-2007 in my last year of Secondary School. I got my first digital SLR camera and never looked back. To me, photography is a means of documenting the world - I feel like I must capture whatever catches my fancy, because it will never be seen that way again, ever! I also think two eyes are not enough for one person, so I'm happy God has given me a third eye - the camera.

 My achievements thus far would include: Publishing my first photo book at the age of 16, proceeds of which were used to purchase toys for the Children's ward at the University College Hospital, Ibadan. In 2008 (at age 17/18) I won the "Fifth Element of Bar Med" photo contest in my University and the 2009 "Reflections of Queen Mary" photo contest - one of the winning photos are on display in my university's administrative building. And now, I am about to, and looking forward to presenting my debut collection of photos for exhibition and sale later this month.
Coverage of Kayode's Exhibition

One Lonely Night

The Portrait of Cool
Kayode on Baba
“Baba can spend a whole day arguing about the most trivial topic, I in fact think he should be the Law student and not me! This tenacity, he transposes into the pursuit of his targets and is most inspiring. As a photographer, he has a keen eye and a willing spirit - and thus working with him is much easier than working with others. I'm happy to have found a peer with whom I'm developing at a similar pace.”


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