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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cool/Power List-f- family- Kanyinsola & Ladi Onalaja

family- (fæmɪlɪ)
people descended from a common ancestor


" I am extremely obsessed and passionate about fashion. In everything I do, whether it is

photography, art, any other thing, fashion is a strong element which is often featured. Through all the pain or frustration associated with this, there are glimmers of excitement, fulfilment, passion and


I have always grown up around Art and have been

influenced a lot by my Mum, who basically taught me all that I know. My love for colour, textiles, prints and fabrics grew as I realised that I could create a work of art and use fashion as a means to showcase

it; instead of the traditional method of just hanging artworks on walls. In my mind ‘Fashion’ is synonymous with wearable art.

Exposure to John Galliano’s use of over-exaggerated embellishment, different fabric textures and colour; Issey Miyake’s unique pleating process and many wide ranges of the designing and making processes have further fuelled my love for Fashion. This love has been instrumental in my quest to learn more about Art, Fashion and Design. Using my love for colour and the skills I had gained whilst young, my designs feature strongly the hand-dyed and painted qualities. This allows not only for the designs to be unique and one-of a kind, but also to act as a strong symbol of my background. From there, I have been able to modernise the traditional elements, breaking the status quo. The garments therefore follow through with the idea of sensual femininity, romanticism and modernity being created.

Last year, I entered and was lucky enough to win Young Designer of the Year Award, whilst being only 17. I was invited to showcase at various events including the Award Ceremony, where I presented my collection.

In winning the competition I have and am still currently being mentored by various people in the industry. I have been invited to showcase at many shows and I’m currently working and designing in collaboration with other designers for a new fashion house. I was also privileged to work with one of the leading African Couture designers Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah, who has worked with celebrities such as Kelly Rowland, Agbani Darego, Sheila Ferguson and Alesha Harvey. I hope to work with him again sometime in the distant future.

I have started a company where I design for individuals with the intention of drawing and producing to meet consumer’s demands. I have also now branched into Photography and Fashion styling, so if anyone needs advice they can catch me at; "




Designs from Kanyinsola's Debut Collection


Stage Name : L.O.The Producer

Email: xt.large@yahoo.co.uk

What production means to me?

People always ask me that question and my answer goes as follows: It is my life. Since the age of 6 I have played the trumpet, the piano, the bass guitar, the acoustic guitar and the drums.

As a 9 year old boy I always thought of being a professional footballer, rock star and other things along those lines, music production was not one of my potential career choices but there was this day I came across a You Tube video of a producer making a beat(Can’t remember who it was now). This really attracted me to the art of beat making. I learnt from other You Tube videos and found out all I would need in order to start. I have researched and studied it and learnt different techniques/ methods and have come to the realisation that to make it big in the entertainment industry you will have to master certain things. For example, catchy music, promoting, graphics and videos would get you far but through good connections the path to the top would be much smoother. Since the age of 9, that has been my goal to start a world wide music/entertainment company to go by the name X.T.L. (Xtra Large) Productions.

X.T.L. Productions specialises in Music, Video Production and Graphics/Pictures/Website design and Promotion.

I have worked on many musical projects for example my first song called ‘Boomerang’ which was with KC, King of the South and ‘Die Shotgun Scheisst’ Starring an upcoming German act J. Arndt which can also be heard on my Facebook ‘Ladi Onalaja’ or on my My Space account ‘L.O. The Producer’. I have also been involved with other entertainment collaborations amongst which include some Graphical work such as mix tape covers and website designing

X.T.L. Productions also does studio time and Graphic editing/Photo shoots.

Editor’s Note: Asides, the considerable talent Ladi possesses, my fascination with him is borne out of the fact that he is just 15 years old which rationally would suggest that he’s got so much growth and improvement in front of him which would be of help with him developing new skills with the ultimate goal being to become the total package.

Album Artwork for 'Skeenz the Instrumentalist'

Ladi's You Tube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/LOTheProducer/


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