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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cool/Power List- c- collective- L.O.S

col·lec·tive (k-lktv)
1. Assembled into or viewed as a whole.
2. Of, relating to, characteristic of, or made by a number of people acting as a group: a collective decision.

Tomi Thomas

Sayo Osikoya

Olade Brisibe

Bolaji Ladipo

What does music mean to you?
Tomi Thomas: Well music is generally everything to me. I realized this last year. If I didn't have my music I would not be me. Music completes me. To be honest, it simply makes me happy.

Bolaji Ladipo: Music is everything...everything is music.

Sayo Osikoya: Music to me has a lot of meaning(s). Its not just bout showing off or flaunting what you got. It’s about making people happy by bringing the best quality music to the table. If you don't have 10 Cars don’t rap about 10 Cars. If it’s guilder you own, DON'T mention Nuvo. And most importantly make music your listeners can easily relate to! Depending of course on your target market! (Omo forget you gats make that moulah).

Olade Brisibe: Music is my get away basically. Coming from a Family where your two brothers have something to do with music, which definitely played a key part in defining my interest.

Who are your inspirations?
Tomi Thomas:
My inspirations include Usher, Maxwell, Muna, Wizkid and my sister Bunmi Thomas.

Bolaji Ladipo: I get inspired by a lot of things. Anything I see and can make sense out of. I just write a song about it but artistes that inspire me; 2 Pac, Biggie, Drake and J Cole.

Sayo Osikoya: Inspirations? There are too many men. But I'd just drop the first that come to my head! Naeto-C Most Def, Dude's too cool! Of recent Eldee, I think he's the greatest package in the industry, he produces, raps and with some auto-tune could hit a couple notes!(I See Bridge) Very cool kid as well! Internationally I'd say Eminem. Mainly because he's a storyteller, I can create a movie with a lot of his verses!

Olade Brisibe: Right from time, Kanye West. I believe he’s probably the most creative individual on this planet. His creativity influences his music positively.

How/When did you start making music?
Tomi Thomas: I have always loved singing. That has been a part of me, then I sang on a track for the first time 2 years ago with my friends for fun and it just grew on me.

Bolaji Ladipo: I didn’t really take music seriously at first. Bridge used to rap when we were like in grade 8/9. We we're bout 12/13 I think. I just thought it was cool and it got me girls. But after about a year, I realized I was okay. I met my manager and then he told me to drop some verses for him. Then he realized I had potential. From there he just started encouraging me. Giving me stuff to listen to, he just played a big role in making me who I am today. To be honest, he has been my biggest inspiration.

Sayo Osikoya: Boys always ‘rap’. Every boy's a rapper. But then my first actual rap/recording was ‘ Flenjure’ And that was summer last year I think! How I Started? I don’t know. ! I just remember listening to "ride with me" By Bridge and Os-moses and thinking "Damn! I want to do this too". So yes they inspire me as well.

Olade Brisibe: When you feel you know how to do something ... You HAVE to persist. Oh yes. Plus I know I’m good.

What does being a part of L.O.S mean to you?
Tomi Thomas: Well LOS, we're a family so to me it means I'm at home, with my boys, my brothers. And we're just having a fun time while we are chasing our goals you know. We just want to make it and show people what we can do.

Bolaji Ladipo: L.O.S is the movement!!!! It’s our key to stardom. We’re family. These boys are my brothers. It means everything to me.

Sayo Osikoya: Being a part of L.O.S means this to me: "I have the best team any young artist would ever dream of! And we're making history baby". YB!

Olade Brisibe: L.O.S is more than a group. We are more like family. All Jones Boys. Sharwama Friday night boys. Laughs. Apart from the fact that we make good music, we get along right.

On being the ladies favorite:
Tomi Thomas:
Well as for the ladies, I love all of them. They support me and it makes me happy to know I'm their favorite. It's even sweeter to know cos I mean there are bare men in LOS so for them to see me in the light they do, Shit! I'm honored.






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  2. Good Collection of Pictures and also good information shared in this blog.thanks for sharing this information.i will visit this blog in future also.
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  5. bolagi is teew mahd!!!!


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