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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cool/Power List- b- the Beast- 3 Feat

beast- [biːst]

a large wild animal
the irrational side of someone’s personality
someone who demonstrates extraordinary ability at a difficult skill

Shayo '3Feat' Okupe

What does Music mean to you? How/ when did you decide that this was going to butter your bread?

Laughs. “Butter my bread”. Don't even kill me. Music means a lot to me, if not everything. For me, it started with Poetry back in primary school. Just the fascination of putting words together in a sequence and pattern, all with the motive of getting a message across caught my interest. I can go on all day talking about every detail from the beats to the bridge to the hi hats. I'm crazy for the art, not really the lifestyle. I probably decided properly last year if I’m to be completely honest. I can't see myself doing a 9-5 and my parents fully support me so I’m good. Once I’m done with university I’ll be able to put 200% into it

As a rapper, and member of DRB who have been the biggest supporters thus far?

I can't put my finger on one individual that has supported me the most as a Solo artiste, because a lot of people are major fans but I haven't made it yet so I guess they don't want to be too embarrassed by telling me they love me or the music. Laughs. They usually do at parties when they’re drunk though. Support wise, probably some girl I call 'my wife'. She knows herself. Laughs. As a group we've had loads of support from Dapsy, Billy Boy, Mac, Vigo, and the Blue Boys as a whole. Over the years, our parents, and a lot of other people who are into rap. As well as fans we actually don’t know personally. I’ll like to say a big thank you to every one of them.

Where does the motivation lie?

For me, motivation is drawn from a lot of things. From hearing the instrumentals, I can pick out a topic and come up with ideas instantly. Phlowz and Tobenna always seem to tease me about it but end up feeling the ideas at the end of the day. Also, my personal experience(s). I’ve left a lot of people behind in life and lost a number of people who meant a lot to me, so there's always a message. I’m not on every song but the ones that I'm on people seem to relate to them a lot. Whether it’s ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘Bedroom Love’, ‘Nothing Can’ or ‘Badman Jump’ there's always an idea and concept. There's a new song which we've recorded called 'Letters to Heaven' Big Bad Boj and Tobenna blessed the song vocally, while Phlowz and I do the verses. Very emotional, look out for that one.

3Feat is quite a peculiar name, where do the origins lie?

Laughs. I’m creasing myself (serious laughter).Well the gyali (ladies) can tell you. I’m a Big Boy innit. My Mum would tell you its God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. My dad has no clue but really and truly it’s simply because of my height. I'm really tiny. I’m like 5foot something now though

Of all the people in our peer group who make music, is there anyone that you rate highly? If Yes, who and why?

Damn! It’s hard to say ‘cos a lot of them do. Musically, I would say the HKN boys. Rap wise, I’m all about poetry so I would have to say Stan. First of all, he’s one of the best poets I've ever come across and I genuinely mean that. He’s got a line that says "Tell me who’s flier/ the Devil is a liar/ I gave him pounds and he gave me change in Naira". It hits me every time. Get his mixtape ‘Songs about Girls’. Phlowz also, he's a Great artiste his got the image, the flow, and the pattern. Like me he has a story to tell. Midnite as well, his brain is always one step ahead; he has a voice from God. It’s absolutely world class crystal clear, plus he's also a very good lyricist. Although we have an issue to sort out on the mic, I state I am still the best. There are a lot of MC's. JRah & Moti Cakes also holding it down in the states. The scene is healthy. There’s HYM, Slick, Tidge, L.O.S (Group). Adey is also doing big things. He’s such a hustler and highly creative. I love his new song 'Why You Dey Lie' and also my boy Blitz, watch out for him he's the delivery King. Apart from that my camp is the strongest and the best. Fresh L’s a crazy rapper. Personally I think he doesn't get the respect he deserves. Tee Zee would eat any man on his day aswell. Tobias has also become a huge lyricist on some Wiz Khalifa vibe, not to mention when him an IC sing. It melts my heart truly . Laughs. Shout out to the people who get freaky to ‘Bedroom Love’. Laughs. I won't ‘bait’ you out. My favourite upcoming rapper at the moment is probably Woodsy. He's another sick artiste.

The general consensus is that 3 Feat is a beast of some sorts? What does this description mean to you? Have you been likened or compared to anyone? If Yes, Who and what's your take on that?

Laughs. ‘Beast’ I love that. Well I am 'Track Bully'. Laughs, I think probably because of the way I attack songs. For a little guy I've got quite a deep voice and I’m probably as raw as ever on songs so it’s only logical I’m good with that description. Well my favourite rapper of all time is B.I.G but I have the energy of Pac so people always find it hard when asked who I sound like. At first, they say Pac but then they listen closely and hear the elements of B.I.G. To be honest I’m good with any. They’re both legends. I’m just trying to make a lane for myself.

Making the music you and DRB do, it’s only natural that honour and praise comes with it? Is there anything you have won or incident that has touched you? (In the case of multiple incidents, rate them on how much you value them).

Apart from performing with Naeto C, Lynxx, Sauce Kid, and hopefully this Christmas, Wiz kid. Nothing really of that state. If anything, the most important thing to me is people saying they love the songs or someone explaining my lyrics to me. It doesn't get better than that. So far, only about five people have actually listened to ‘Badman Jump’ beyond the flow and the comedy input in my verse and actually explained my verse to me and what I was actually trying to put across. It meant a lot for someone to actually understand the message. Apart from that maybe the 5600 downloads gotten for ‘Badman Jump’, the 6000 views of our first Video ‘Go Harder’ and the response to the two mix tapes we've put out this year ‘Hooks & Bars’ and 'Hard Drive'. People should expect DRB to take over in a couple years: DRB Naij, DRBUK. I’ll be on that UK vibe you know trying to battle Tinchy for that #1 spot.

I hear you're working on a new project: Cream Team. What's that all about?

Yeah I am, it’s basically outside the recording circle for me and outside DRB. The T-shirts and jumpers have been getting some crazy response, a lot of people like the designs. Anyone can be part of Cream Team if they want to promote themselves or us or anything in general. It’s actually called Cream Films as its main aim- Shooting music videos but if people decide to show support then we are all a team. Just shot Fresh L‘s ‘Hello Good Morning’ (remix) video. It should be out today on teamdrb TV on You Tube. For any videos, just get at me with a reasonable price. We’re trying to portray lyrical movies here.

Thanks for your cooperation. It has been a pleasure talking to you.
Same here brother. Appreciate the love. Follow me people @3featDRB. I follow back and reply tweets. Support good upcoming music. TeamDrbtv on You Tube. You can catch the rest of the DRB team: @freshldrb, @imrandrb, @didzDRB, @bolajidrb, @TeeZeedrb, @TobiasDrb and @tobennadrb




‘Go Harder’ Video

Editor's Note: The video he referenced as coming out today literally made its debut as this post was going up. Kindly check out Fresh L's 'Hello! Good Morning' remix video. A Cream Film Production.


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