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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cool/ Power List- c- charitable- Shake Poverty

charitable- (chr-t-bl)

1. generous in giving to the needy
2. Kind or lenient in one's attitude towards others
3. Concerned with or involving charity

“The fight for the end of poverty is a fight that all of us must join in our own way”
“We unite, inspire and empower students to support the end of extreme poverty”

Shake poverty Foundation (SHAKEPOVERTY) is a private non-profit corporation that unites, inspires, and empowers to students to support the end of extreme poverty and financially supports projects in impoverished villages. Through our unique and innovative grass roots movement we inspire students by showing them that their handshake commitment and purchase of SHAKEPOVERTY merchandise is important in our movement to end extreme poverty.

In September 2000, world leaders came together at United Nations Headquarters in New York to adopt the United Nations Millennium Declaration, committing their nations to a new global partnership to reduce extreme poverty and setting out a series of time-bound targets - with a deadline of 2015 - that have become known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Although world leaders have committed to achieving the MDGs, the fight for the end of extreme poverty is a fight we all must join in our own way. In the end of Poverty, Dr. Jeffery Sachs explains that “when the end of poverty arrives, as it can and should in our own generation, it will be citizens in a million communities in rich and poor countries alike, rather than a handful of political leaders, who will have turned the tide”. At SHAKEPOVERTY we believe that poverty can be ended not by a handful of people but by inspiring millions of students to take action.

The Shake Story
On October 28 2009, Farooq Busari envisioned a world free of extreme poverty. After reading Dr. Jeffery Sachs’ book, The End of Poverty, Farooq concluded that poverty can be ended not by a handful of people but when millions of individuals unite together to support a single cause. Farooq then set a goal to meet each of the 1850 students at Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU); shake their hand, take a picture of every handshake and to construct a mosaic mural. The mural is a visual display of the OWU’s commitment to support the end of extreme poverty. The movement inspired every member of the campus community to actively participate and went on to raise over $10,000. Farooq and fellow student Tim Goodman travelled to Ikaram Millennium Village in Ondo State Nigeria to learn more about the needs of the village and to identify projects that SHAKEPOVERTY will be support.

As one of the worlds most prestigious, Stanford University will illustrate its success as an institution that is dedicated to finding solutions to the great challenges of the day and preparing students to become the next generation of leaders”. SHAKEPOVERTY STANFORD will highlight the diversity on campus and continue a legacy that seeks to “promote the public welfare by exercising an influence on behalf of humanity and civilization”. Stanford's ability to unite for a single cause will show our strength as a community.

SHAKEPOVERTY has developed a unique business model that selects three qualified students to serve as Ambassadors that facilitate and promoter the SHAKEPOVERTY mission at Stanford University. SHAKEPOVERTY Ambassadors will implement our innovative grass-roots movement by inspiring 5000 students to give a handshake commitment and purchase a SHAKEPOVERTY wristband for $5.

Every handshake commitment is photographed and placed into a 20 foot mosaic mural that will visually display Stanford students’ commitment to do their part to support the end of extreme poverty. All money raised by SHAKEPOVERTY STANFORD will go to improve sanitation in Millennium Village by constructing 2000 toilets. Upon completion of SHAKEPOVERTY, Ambassadors will travel to Ikaram Millennium village to earn more about how the money raised by Stanford has benefited the community. Ambassadors will then report their findings to the Stanford Community.

Sample of the Mural at OWU Beeghley Library

Jump on http://www.shakepoverty.org/ to get a broader picture of Shake Poverty’s Projects and if possible, make a donation.


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