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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I recently found myself in the middle of some pretty interesting situations.
Picture this:
A: girl A and girl B just became friends. A found out that B has been dating 'Peter' for like 2 years before they met. Peter is a good guy and all but A says she can't be friends with B anymore because she went out with Peter some 5 years before.
B: Jide and Biola have been friends forever. Ayo is Jide's best friend. He and Biola just ended a relationship. Now Jide and Biola have decided to take their friendship to 'another' level. Trouble is Ayo would not hear of it. He says Jide should respect the bro code and free Biola. Jide is a wreck.
I know, where do I get to meet these psychos? But my psychologist-tendencies are not the issue here. The issue is who the h comes up with all these rules? Under what mental conditions did the person draw these lines?
Personally, I'm not one to abide by rules or follow rules I consider to be baseless.
Let's take it one after the other, shall we, obviously A is not the kind of friend B needs in her life. I mean, what kinda loser still holds on to the guy she was with 5 years ago? Or walks out on an opportunity to make a good friend because of said guy.
I say it all the time. Some of us need to get our heads checked for the kind of things we choose to believe. I believe that love is something that can happen. At any time. While I understand Ayo's position, I simply cannot understand why Jide is so broken. Make a choice, gaddemit and live with the consequences.
I'll forever be grateful to the creator for giving us beautiful brains but I think we tend to overuse this organ for seemingly unnecessary things.
I understand that I may be coming across as totally carefree. This is completely far from who I am.
Who says anybody is out of bounds just because your friend has been with them?wait, not even your friend, your potential friend! If my girlfriend sees all the reasons why I gave up my ex and still decides to go out with him. That, good people, is her problem. And it should also be my problem if I decide to date my friend's ex.
I am solely responsible for my happiness, and I will not allow anybody draw any lines or boundaries to where my happiness can be found. It is my line, and I will draw it wherever.


  1. lol...drama drama drama innit? but maybe A is still in love with/still cares about 'Peter'. Also maybe Ayo feels Jide already had the hots for Biola while he was dating her or maybe Biola was even cheating on him with Jide while dey were dating. There are just so many sides, twists and turns to relationships. Me sha o, I personally feel you should stay away from a friend's ex, makes life less complicated. But then again, I've never had to wear such shoes so I don't know where it hurts.

  2. it isnt a hard thing...if her boyfie is more important to her than A..then B should carry go or if otherwise drop the boyfie...same thing applies to scenario 2..life is all about choices

  3. Lool. Codes that have no base or foundation. Interesting topic to look into Mayowa. We all know its jealousy nd hurt that still allow people make these silly rules. Like you said, "Everyone is responsible for their happiness". You can choose to get it anywhere. Even if it means losing a potential friend. Means that friendship wasn't meant to be. Nice post. Love it!


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