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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Super Saturday #4: KEEP AN OPEN MIND

Today, I decided to overdo myself with two posts. When I go through my dry period, I'll remember this day and think I could have saved one. But oh! Well, ENJOY

Different strokes for different folks. Everyone has something to say about everyone/everything. One of the beauties of life is that one can't please everyone so more times than not the rubbish people say is of no significance in the pattern our lives take. Some times, the points made tend to be valid and serve as areas for improvement. One key criticism of the man behind this article is that I am strongly opinionated. By this, it's meant that I have a way of thinking and an idea of the way things should be done and any thing which deviates from this I refuse to tolerate. In the words of one of my buddies on three different occasions

‎"Your constant need to be right is disgusting."
"Though your need to be right is annoying"
"I sorta meant not agreeing to or seeing other perspectives on things... Just yours and/or what you think is right.."

My mother complains of my brother's habit of talking back or always having some form of defense when criticized. She's also made a similar complaint about my father. The last time she did this, it then dawned on me that this particular characteristic is not synonymous with the male Idowu's. Every single human being is guilty of it. Who doesn't want to be right? We all do and in some cases, losing an argument or debate could affect the level of seriousness people take us in future arguments. I hate losing. Even worse, I hate anyone who's my peer coming out tops over me on something as subjective as an argument. (Don't worry, it's not in an unhealthy way) However, as my growing up process has sped up I've become more willing to take constructive correction. Every argument/debate comes with a lesson learnt that would serve well in the future. On that note, I ask you to keep an open mind and inculcate a willing attitude towards the new things life springs up. (It's one of those things your High School teacher says that you think is BS but it's the truth "New things are learnt everyday". It's one of the beauties of life. We all come from different backgrounds so it’s impossible for us to look at things the same way.

Intellectual Kid.


  1. Bless..!
    "We all come from different backgrounds so it’s impossible for us to look at things the same way. " : everyone needs to learn from this.


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