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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Super Saturday #3 Guest Blogger: The Job Seeker and the Shimmering Heart

It began right after school
His plan was to be useful and not just some tool
He had a great ambition
He had a vision

His plan was to get a job
To have an ambition and not to go to a club
Day and night he applied
Only to not get replied

She said to him, continue to try
There is no need to cry
He stood up from the tackle
This is just an obstacle

Day and night he applied
Only to not get replied
He is devastated now
Why should I be looked upon with a frown?

Take heart and keep faith she said
But he still felt like all hope had fled
He tried again
Only to not get replied

Is this how it’s meant to be?
It’s like being shot in the knee
Don’t let it worry you she said
And she said this because she cared

Once again he applied
And now he's been replied
With astonishment he reads
But it’s only a kick to his face compared to his earnest pleads

It’s probably best to give up because he is screwed
But it was then he changed his attitude
Day and night he applied
Just as he hoped, he was replied

I would like you to come in for an interview
These words changed his whole view
In a yellow shirt, black trousers and shoes
It is time, it is time, and this gave him clues

I can finally have an ambition
And this is just part of my mission
Please let me get this job
The money is not to go to a club

I’m sorry but you don’t fit our requirement
We really need a good investment
What exactly do you mean?
It is the economic state we are in

Now he is in despair
He feels like he should just disappear
Why can I not get this?
But he changes his attitude again and everything is back in place

One more time he gives it a go
He feels that this could be the time he would glow
Sir we have considered your application
We feel you fit the job description

He is astonished, why not an interview why not some sort of test?
The test is his faith, nature dealt with the rest
Sat in his chair, spinning his pen and thinking I’m finally here
So the world has an inch of care

Money after money made from days spent in his job
He is now spending most of his time in the club
She is abandoned, only an adviser, a comforter not a lover
He is just a job seeker not a dreamer
It takes more than a seeker to glimmer
And now her heart burns with a shimmer

Text and Photograph by: Tunde Oyebode


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