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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Political Rants

Two men with one thing in common: One belongs to the past the other the present: George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

George Bush is viewed in some circles as the worst American leader ever. This view is based on a number of reasons; his passion to invade Iraq, failure to handle the Hurricane Katrina aftermath sensibly, inability to reform social security policies. It is also worthy of note that the Worldwide financial meltdown took place under his tenure. Mr Bush has been in the news for some reason this week. He has ascribed Kanye West’s ‘George Bush doesn’t car about Black people’ outburst as the lowest point of his 8 year Presidency. I’ve been privileged to read comments on some of the most prestigious websites and to say they are complementary is akin to lying. To some people it serves as another reason to hate the man. An 8 year tenure characterised by the 9/11 attacks, the failed war on Iraq and Hurricane Katrina and the one thing he could pick out from his catalogue of failures was an attack from an emotional rapper. What does it say about the man? What conclusions can be drawn?

Step in Barack Obama, the new kid on the block who was able to transcend the racial divide and rise to the top most political position. Obama’s campaign was built on the principle of change.

Obama’s job was cut out: Clear the mess made by Bush and restore the short faith in the system. In all fairness to Barack, his job was going to be tough. However, his been able to initiate a financial stimulus package which has helped in softening the blows of the Recession although increasing the debt profile, put in place a Healthcare bill which would go down in History as one of the best pieces of law implemented and an indicator of good, forward, positive thinking. He also intends to secure the closing down of Guantanamo Bay and closing down the tax gaps granted to the bourgeoisie. However, Obama’s come under intense scrutiny as a result of his plans to clampdown on the wealthy and favour the working classes. This has gone as far as people labelling him a Socialist. I have a soft spot for Mr Obama so you can understand my reasoning. I’m so appalled that Barack whose done nothing but help in restoring a weak system is getting stick. I think Americans have shown themselves as having some form of short memory. If not, they should do nothing but appreciate his good deeds whilst understanding that Progress is a slow process and that Mr Obama looks for nothing but the general well being of his people


  1. IMO, the wealthy will do everything in their power to oppose his policies.
    The working class have somewhat been blinded by the anti-Obama noise.
    The man is doing fine, he just needs 'space' to execute these policies


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