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Saturday, November 20, 2010

If Love fell in...

Biologists! We (yes we! :P) just like to make life difficult for ourselves. Having arguments over whether viruses are alive or dead…I say if its neither then its a zombie. Or maybe a vampire. But that's not 'scientific' enough for anyone. I'd probably have to spend my life proving that their zombies but I'd have to first define the word zombie. My definition would cause people to argue over whether it encompasses all that are viruses and before we know what's happening, Hollywood would jump in and take matters from bad to worse-than-my-mum-dying in under 3 hours. Soon all zombie movies will build on a giant viruses eating people or maybe show that the viruses latch onto people's brains and causes them to become flesh-eating monsters. The science world will then ostracize me and 50 years after my death, another scientist will perform an experiment to show that I was right but of course that is not enough to convince them just yet. I have to be dead at least a 100 years and to have my work endorsed by 2 other scientists before they realize the brilliance of my suggestion and give me the Nobel Laureate post-mortem. My great-great grandchildren will give my acceptance speech and move me from an ordinary grave to a tomb with a tollbooth to collect the money of visitors from the science world to see my remains. And all because we have to make everything difficult.

I'm not even sure if it's just the scientific world or the entirety of the human society that makes things more difficult than they should be. From all the really hard things you have to learn at school and never ever apply to your real life to the complexities that is a relationship (of any kind). Recently I was witness to a discussion over whether the African and Carribean society would ever accept homosexuality and as I sat and watched people belabor an issue that really should not be that difficult in theory but is ultra-super hard in reality, I wondered. Is there a reason why everything is so difficult? Why life is so hard to live yet hard to leave?

I know a boy who has it bad for a girl. Everyone sees but the girl chooses to ignore it and the boy chooses to…to what? Why can't he just tell her what he feels? Why can't he just say it and see where things go from there? *Whisper in my ear* Is that right? He has a girlfriend? So?! As cold-blooded as this might sound, his girlfriend is miles away and when he is staring at another girl with extreme longing in his eyes that even I can see in the dark without my glasses then obviously he needs to break up with his girlfriend. The girl insists that it is not that simple. Why not? Who says it has to be hard? You can't force a relationship, only resentment can grow from that kind of thing. And you can't force a non-relationship, only pain can grow from it. Maybe the answer is to avoid a relationship completely but relationships and the attention of your significant other is like crack, once your hooked on it you look for every excuse to get high.

Sitting in the bistro and listening to a guy named John ask, 'Why can't love fall in…John?', I had never been so happy over a sentence. Really? Why can't we happen to things as opposed to things happening to us? They don't have feelings so it would be so much easier. Or would it just make us the inanimate objects? If love falling in you would make us incapable of feelings? Something for psychologists to ponder…I am just a biologist.


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