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Friday, October 22, 2010

Super Saturdays Baby

Hey world! Its been a while I’ve been on here. That’s based on a number of reasons. One of which is to reduce the room for distractions school wise. Another reason being my flirting with new ideas and a movement that I’m still unsure would ever take of. Kindly bear with me. In order to make things fun a little I’m going to promise a new post every Saturday. I’m calling it ‘Super Saturdays’ (The Kanye West influence) and the plan is to enjoy the weekend with a beautiful random thought stirring piece of work. It’s been a while I did any form of proper creative writing so kindly understand that it’ll take me some time to hit top notes and find my mojo. God willing, it shall be in the shortest time possible. Thanks for bearing with me. Kindly look forward to the new piece of writing I’ll drop on Saturday.
Manye/ Mayowa/ Intellectual Kid.


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