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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Super Saturday #1- Random Thoughts

1) It says a lot on society's fickleness that Wayne Rooney is now being persecuted. From hero to zero in such a short while. Back to hero status again.

2)What does the Guardian's failure to cover Cecilia Ibru's arrest suggest?

3) If Rooney ended up at Man City, won't he have surpassed Ashley Cole and John Terry as the most disliked Sportsman and England. I guess we'll never know for now.

4) I've been studying Mark Twain, if I had to describe him in one word: Legend. He's become a new source of inspiration. A lot of the things he said are resonant with our lives today. He embodies everything about being ahead of one's time. + if he had a Twitter he'll probably be the most quoted/retweeted character.

5) I have a friend who sees 'Sorry' as just a word. I beg to differ, Sorry is not just a word. It's a mindstate of remorse. I never say Sorry if I don't mean it but the fact that I say it a lot just highlights how messed up I can be. I always draw parallels to the relationship we share with God. We sin on a daily basis but plead for forgiveness. He forgives us. Keep this in mind when next someone hurts you. Accept the apology and overlook it like your father in Heaven does.

6) Doing the same thing twice and expecting different results. Is that faith or stupidity?

7) Justin Bieber or Willow Smith?

8) Is it me or Nuhu Ribadu and Lamido Sanusi share a resemblance?

9) No one in life owes anyone anything so don't feel obligated to do something for someone if it's in contrast with beliefs you hold. However, it's most important that one keeps in mind principles that embody fairness in all our dealings.

10) I did this in 10 minutes. (It was slightly more but I thought it would be cool like that).

These were the thoughts going through my head on a specific day this week.

Please give feedback via the Comment boxes.

Mr I.


  1. willow smiths got swagga! and look at her age!
    but jb gives me that fever lol

  2. Haha! I totally think Nuhu Ribadu and Lamido Sanusi look alike! Been thinking that for ages! Nice post Mayowa. Really interesting as usual.

  3. 1) £250,000 says more than just hero!
    2) Typical of Nigeria... need I say more?
    3) Hmmmnn... Possibly... but as you said.. we can't know anymore.
    4)'It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.' - Mark Twain!
    5) Sorry is what the user and the receiver make of it. Depending on who I’m speaking to.. Sometimes it’s just to please them and other times; is to please myself!
    6) Faith.. I'm not stupid!
    7) Willow Smith.. I like Bieber..But I mean.. She’s 9 he's 16.. Her song is better!
    8) Now that you mention it.. Slight resemblance!
    9) I like that!
    10 )I actually replied u in under 10 mins! :D

  4. i love willow smith and justin bierber...i do think that nuhu and sanusi look alike too, i have always thought so

  5. The pictures of Nuhu and Sanusi do look alike now you mention it, LOL...

    And it's Willow!

  6. just realized Mark Twain isnt as boring as his name suggests! lol.Oh and Bieber all the way.
    Good read..!!

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