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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fare the well

This is my love,
This is my true love.

That I let you in completely,
Let you roam with no restraints.
It's your choice to treat this with tender loving care,
Or to look upon it with utter disdain.

What you sow is not what you reap,
For the badly sown ones take time to grow.
You reap the good and leave the bad,
Let the rotten be mine to reap.

As you take what's good and go,
Remember for I say it once.
The door closes behind you,
This exit will be your last.

When you want a place you know,
A place you can traverse with your eyes closed.
You will seek but you will not find,
For that door is forever closed.

Try as you might, stronger people have,
But that entrance was long sealed off.
The minute you made the choice to leave,
Was the minute the door prepared to close.

Goodbye, for there's nothing left,
No fertile land, no man can plant.
That is what my heart is now,
A barren field of solitude.

In the quietness I hear you speak,
But these are echos of my memory.
For on this land that was once my heart,
Nothing lives to take or give.

And everyday when I wake up,
I feel the emptiness in my chest.
There is no pain, there is no sorrow,
For my mind is my saviour.

My knight in shining armour will never ride up to me,
For he lives in me, with me and for me.
He protects me from that which is not there,
But he can never replace that which I've lost.

That which we've both lost,
That is, my love.


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