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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Its in times like this I write
When I don't feel good enough
When someone has called me fat
When I've been labelled ugly
Or when the long hours of primping have gone unnoticed
I write because you, my good friend won't judge me
Because I know with you I can totally be myself
Because with you, I can be a princess or a diva
Even if the world says I'm not.

You're not blind like all of them
You see what truly matters
And that's the beauty within
Its cliche, but that's really all that matters
At least I like to console myself that way

And it strikes me that I havent been a good friend
I have to spend more time with you
We have to hang out more
So next time I feel let down by the world
I"ll know I have you
Waiting for me with outstretched arms
Darling writing pad!!!!!


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