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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hmmn!! Has it ever happened that you find yourself liking (I don't want to use love) someone whom happened to be a very good friend. Well, I found myself in those shoes and this is its offspring. Kindly respect my privacy and do not ask me "Who is the person?" ‘cos my lips shall remain sealed, irregardless of how close we are. I was forced to publish this poem, thanks to my followers on Twitter whom I asked "Just saw a poem I wrote about a girl I used to like. To publish on the blog or hide in my museum?” The consensus was that I publish it. In my opinion, my decision to please the people suggests bravery so thou shall not question me. *evil laugh*. To all those goats (You know yourselves) who I'm pretty sure would give it a try; a 'No' awaits you.

This is not my strongest forte
However, the thought of you
Convinces me I must put my feelings into words
Beauty. Brains,
In addition, every other good thing under the sun
Are the words that describe best how I feel about you
As you know I wrote something about ‘The Search for Miss Right’
With you I can do no wrong
The love is that strong
I promise you it would last long
Pardon the over rhyming
But see is as the length I would go to get your love
Defying my personal principles that is
Love is doing things you have never done
For people you have never done such for

If you were a god
This would be my offering and thanksgiving
What does that mean?
That I worship the ground you walk on

Accept it as a measure of my love
And please don't break my heart
‘Cos I swear it would never recover.


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