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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Standing at the Crossroads

A 'buddy' of mine who would prefer to remain anonymous wrote this and she thought to share it with you. I found it interesting as it addressed feelings I have felt recently. Enjoy;

Standing At The Crossroads.

I’m at a crossroads, everything I considered right is now wrong,

Morals I used to hold on to now cease to exist,

I wonder how this has come to be and I conclude that

I’m at a crossroads.

I’m at a turning point; people I used to trust have proved themselves unworthy,

I keep handing out second chances like I can easily get over the hurt caused the first time,

I wear my heart on my sleeve but it finds its way into the hands of the wrong people,

I often wonder how this has come to be and I conclude

I’m at a turning point.

I make decisions that will most definitely have an impact on my future everyday,

Over and over again, I’m guilty of coming to God at the 99th hour - in my darkest moment,

I cry out to him for forgiveness, strength and what I want most,

He never seems to fail me,

I’m at a decisive moment in my life which God is helping me get through (but the guilt never leaves).

I’m at a crossroads, everything I considered wrong is now right,

The same morals I modelled myself after have become tainted in the world we live in,

My life has become more complicated than I could ever imagine,

I keep wondering about where I shall find myself from here, I guess I’ll just have to take the right turns here and there, so I end up on the right path... out of my crossroads.


  1. I likey! Well cos im at crossroads too

  2. Its really Nice and I think everybody at some point is crossroads too..I know I am..


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